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I can’t believe I actually kept them alive 😭 I have killed succulents before n have thumbs blacker than Mans’ heart but these peps have lived for 14 months now. Planning on trying my hand (technically husbands’ hand but I’ll direct him) on water propagating the cuttings but I’ve never done it before!

Green thumbers pls give me your best propagation tips. I’m doing filtered water in a dark container left in the north facing window. I’m planning on stem cutting and trying one leaf propagation but suspect it’ll be slow.

Do I need fertilizer (worm castings or fish emulsion) in the water? How long should my roots be before I transplant to soil? I don’t want to kill the established peps so how much should I prune?

Nervous planter requesting help n thanks!

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I've never propagated peperomia before (but I've water propagated plenty of plants before). It isn't really that difficult... I use glass containers (easier to see the roots, they still grow) and keep them in a window with medium light.

Cut the plant right below where one of the leaves are growing but with enough space left that your cutting has like two leaves left after you remove the lowest leaf you cut beneath. Stick it in the water. No fertilizer in the water... just regular water (I even use tap water). Wait. I remove the water and replace it like once every 2-3 weeks. I suggest planting when you have at least two one-inch long roots formed on a cutting. I tend to water a little more frequently than I would otherwise for the first two weeks of establishing a cutting in soil (so long as the potting soil is well-draining and there's no water left in the pot).

You will not kill the established plants by pruning, btw, unless you completely butcher them. You could probably cut off the top five inches of every plant in that photo and they'd bounce back (just leave them alone - they'll grow from the spots you cut). So what I'd suggest is just choosing the longest or scraggliest parts and using the propagation as a chance to trim and shape your plants as you wish.

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Thank you so much Phoenix for the tips! As a complete gardening n00b I know I’m making it harder than it really is but lol I’m worried for the bbs. Really appreciate the time you took to help me out!

I'm so sad this isn't a pepperoni plant as I incorrectly read. They look great!

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I’m such a beginner I’d damn well believe you that there was such a plant in existence 🥲 thank you! I bought them last year in the pandemic paranoia (imma extrovert so being inside all day for months killed me but trying to take care of the plants helped focus tasks during those aimless nights). I’m so scared I’ll fuck em up trying to prune them tho 🥺