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This shit is a slap in the face to disabled people who have been forced to rely on adult diapers. Real disabled people struggle to pay for them while these sick fucks use them to feed a kink.

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Exactly. In this country it's fairly common for the mother and baby changing to be in the disabled toilet so it's not unheard for these fuckers end up using them to fulfil their nappy fetish in public too.

Not shows is the fact that is wife doesn’t like it and that he pees in them instead of using the bathroom 🤮

would you be able to archive the rest of the post? its relatively straightforward via archive.ph though i haven't done it for reddit.

his poor wife. i hope she leaves him. if he's doing this knowing she doesn't like it he doesn't give a shit about her.

how can you purport to be leftist when you literally ruin the environment with your nappy (diaper) fetish.

The environmental issue is a HUGE problem with the trans/fetish shit. And few people are aware of it. Medical supplies are mostly single use plastics. And these procedures tend to result in disabilities that require said supplies (not to mention the stuff used in the surgeries)

Total creep! Btw, has anyone ever seen a woman have this "fetish" or is it just men? Because I've only ever seen men do it.

Never once seen a woman display this fetish. I can't imagine how disgusting it feels.

Yes, usually it seems to be men, and I wonder what percentage of those men are AGPs. A lot of TIMs are simultaneously into other paraphilias.

I have but it's usually very young women who've been groomed by "daddies"

Ewwwww how has she not left already?

Maybe he got her pregnant so that it's almost impossible for her to leave (modus operandi of these freaks).

Or can't afford to leave. If she has time to take care of his adult diaper ass, she might not have a job or the financial stability.

"She" is probably not a woman

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I didn’t go too far back to investigate because I was trying not to puke in my mouth but his wife is probably a dude, too