Can someone come up with a radfem dating site? I keep meeting and going on first dates with so many women who are otherwise great except they believe gender woo woo.

I think we need this, seriously.

Can someone come up with a radfem dating site? I keep meeting and going on first dates with so many women who are otherwise great except they believe gender woo woo. I think we need this, seriously.


Dating sites usually require public display of personal information and it's not particularly safe to be openly radfem. It'd probably get infiltrated as well, since the genderists don't exactly have a sparkling track record of respecting our spaces.

We should come up with a list of questions that could subtly discern a person's stance. Or maybe you could give them a chance anyway with the hope of converting them? I think a lot of gay/bi women feel compelled to believe in it because of how the T is attached to LGB and haven't given much thought to the consequences or implications of it.

Coming up with a few things to subtly mention or ask is a good way to find someone’s stance on the subject of GC, it’d be interesting to start a thread about it.

I think that it really may depend on the age as well, it seems that it’s mostly gen Z and younger millennials that care about gender woo woo TRA garbage, but older millennials and gen X don’t seem to buy into it as much.

I leave off preferred pronouns and state, "I am looking for natal women who are monogamous, share similar interests..." I haven't been harassed yet, and did find a GC lesbian that way, but I think being in my mid-30's helps too. That's my experience with OKCupid and Tinder in the Seattle area anyway. I haven't tried Giggle or Club Monocle yet.

Can you screen for this before you go on a date?

It can read pretty random or weird: hey, do you acknowledge biological sex or do you believe men can become women????

I saw something in another post: Ask if she still likes Harry Potter.

When I was single I always talked to the women on the phone first. First, to make sure she was a woman. Second, to learn if it was going to be worth our time at all. So I would ask her about her social life, what she did with her friends, what books she had read, what shows she likes, her dating history, how she came out to herself. If all went well, then she would ask me the same things. Actually, I’m sure you could ask if she knows about Ovarit, or that all the lesbians were banned from reddit and the rest of the internet last year.

If I’m interested in being sexual with someone I’m not shy about asking questions—and I hope she’s not shy either.

Someone posted the rules for the new Club Monocle app on l chat before the mods took down the thread and they were overtly GC. Can’t confirm this personally, though.

Club Monocle

the android app only had ~100 downloads and when I tried to sign up it wasn't working. So, yeah, not really a viable solution though I support what they're trying to accomplish.

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There is Giggle app. It's not radfem, but it's females only. Her creator Sall Grover is pretty terfy (she's on Twitter). It's for dating but also has other social media features. You can probably safely state you're radfem on your profile there. Good luck.

Edit: I met my girlfriend in a radfem group (I was looking for prostitution abolitionists at the time). I went for the politics, not looking for a partner, but I got lucky. Maybe search in your area, or organize one.

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I haven't tried Monocle yet. Their official Twitter has 1 follower so I just imagine the userbase is tiny, but I'm very on board with the voice and video verification process because it's very rare for a TIM to pass at both of those, especially voice.

In my experience putting a note about what I don't want often helps get them to leave me alone such as "do not message me if you have a penis. I'm a real lesbian". Even if like .0001% of them are post-op trans people, they usually will be turned off by me saying that kind of stuff.

Apparently some sites will actually ban you for this though lmao.

Recently found a link to a "lesbian-only" dating site that apparently allows only real women. They're probably a pretty GC bunch. If it were exclusive to lesbians I wouldn't be promoting it here but apparently they cater to all "same-sex attracted women" so I think they're bisexual-friendly (as long as you're not searching for threesomes with your boyfriend or something insane like that, undoubtedly.)