This is why allying with conservatives is problematic. They have their own gender ideology, complementariansim. Men have certain traits and roles, headship, women have certain traits and roles, help meet, so boys must act like boys, girls must act like girls, and they can only have sex with someone of the opposite group.

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Excellent article.

Because, if 39% of the young people using these services are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, then lesbian, gay and bisexual teens are disproportionately at risk from gender affirmation being pushed on them.

That should be front and center of the story.The primary victims of gender ideology’s medical arm are lesbian, gay, and bisexual people.

I wonder, though, if her primary audience is conservative people. The media who platform her are conservative, sure. But is that who she is trying to reach?

Interesting read. I appreciate that she went and looked at the referenced study in more detail. Unfortunately, many conservatives aren't so much gender-critical as cognizant of biological reality. One of the big harms of gender identity ideology, aside from medicalizing gay kids, has been in changing the way other people perceive the community, such as it is. They've made it very easy for people to conflate same sex attraction with biological denialism, kink, and the like.