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Subtitle: Killing spree in a middle-class neighbourhood sheds light on an underworld run by organised crime

Not surprisingly, there's a lack of serious analysis here. The maps purporting to describe Europe's laws on prostitution are uninformative and I think wrong. There's a creepy emphasis on the contrast between the middle-class milieu where these women were held and the seedy underworld that sold them. But at least the article quotes someone saying they are "basically slaves".

Truly vile:

Proof the Chinese women met with highbrow clients came when Roman novelist Patrizio Bati readily admitted he had been a regular customer at Via Riboty and recalled the women wearing slippers to avoid disturbing the downstairs neighbours.

His willingness to discuss the visits echoed a bid by an Italian escort site, Escort Advisor, to proudly promote its activities and describe itself as a Tripadvisor for prostitutes where clients can swap reviews. In 2020, the site enrolled well-known art critic Vittorio Sgarbi — now a junior culture minister in Giorgia Meloni’s government — to give lectures on the site about the history of nudes in art.

At the time, the site’s chief executive Mike Morra said he was challenging prostitution’s grubby image and described the sex workers advertising on Escort Advisor as “women of culture and intelligence who have made female sensuality their work”.