Users: 1,737
Posts: 2,588
Comments: 19,859
Upvotes: 187,530
Downvotes: 1,763
Circles: 23

Users: 1,737 Posts: 2,588 Comments: 19,859 Upvotes: 187,530 Downvotes: 1,763 Circles: 23


Congratulations to the women who set up ovarit and thanks to all for the wonderful discourse! It's so good to be home!

I was just wondering yesterday what the upvote to downvote ratio is! This is about what I was expecting, so lovely compared to Reddit.

That's lovely!! Any estimate of how many daily visits we're getting?

I'm so excited about the future of this community!

I'm curious about this too- how many visitors does this site get, and has there been a steady increase?

This community has been a breath of fresh air! Thank you to all the amazing women who’ve provided this space for us.

That upvote/downvote ratio is pretty interesting. I haven’t agreed with everything I’ve seen posted here, but if I don’t feel the need to reply, I just move on from the comment thinking that poster should be able to speak her mind too. I’m happy to see that a majority of members here are doing the same. It makes discussions so much less hostile.

Same. I think the only downvote I have given was accidental (I intended to upvote and quickly rectified it).

This is a great forum. It is so refreshing to be able to speak frankly for once.

Congrats! Thank you for setting up this space.

I don't know where else to ask this, just curious. Is there any need or plans to crowdfund website costs?

There are not enough ways to thank the hard work of everyone involved to make this space

Congratulations, and thanks to all involved in making this possible. It's wonderful to finally have an online space that is not dominated by men and their ignorant handmaidens.

Congratulations! In just a month that's a great accomplishment, all thanks to the devs. Glad we could find a new home here for trollgc/radfemmery amongst others.

Congratulations and many many thanks to the creators, admins and mods!