If they existed all through history they contributed to women’s oppression, to women’s rapes and murders, just like they do now.

Damn, that's a good point. All these "trans women" didn't bother lifting a finger to help us all those years, and in fact they still don't today. I don't see TIMs campaigning for abortion rights, only telling us to shut up because our language offends them.

I was going to say to watch them now try to take historical men who advocated for women and trans them and argue they were closeted trans women…and then I realized that virtually no man comes to mind for me, because all the most famous men hated us and never lifted a finger to argue we should be more than slaves

I am waiting for them to try to claim dandies like Oscar Wilde, I think its only a matter of time.

They better not touch Oscar and historical gays. It’s bad enough that they’ve come for Joan of Arc and other historical GNC women

thats because they observed how women were treated and decided to keep their trousers on, how many transwomen do you think are getting oppressed in Afghanistan right now, my bet is none they will quietly keep their trousers on.

notice how Eddie izzard is always in "boy mode" when he's doing around third world countries begging for donations for humanitarian work, he knows his "girl mode" would not fly there.

"The Tea" has never been more accurate on this circle.

You bring this up to them and they'll whinge and say being forced to hide who they are was soooooooOOooo much worse than being raped and tortured, like our foremothers were. No dress to go spinny!


The TIMs waited for females to do the hard work of securing female spaces before they put on their drag costumes and came to colonize those spaces.

They didn't just keep their heads below the parapets, they used the laws and social norms of the time to force the women in their lives to serve their fetish. It's hard enough now for women to talk about their husbands, fathers, and brothers stealing their clothes to masturbate, or divorce because their husbands have revealed that they're actually "lesbians". How much harder was it when women couldn't obtain a no-fault divorce, own property, or get credit?

[–] Sylvanas 18 points Edited

Even if you accept the premise that trans people supposedly existed for thousands of years and in many exotic cultures, under different names - NONE of these cultures gave kids Lupron that made their teeth fall off. No testosterone injections either. Nobody cut off teenage girls’ breasts. At best they allowed some dress-up. But that’s it.

Our culture currently allows for very aggressive and harmful medical interventions, in the name of the trans agenda. This is unprecedented.

Wait! Lupron makes kids teeth fall out? Their adult teeth?

Here’s a PBS article in which a woman says Lupron made her teeth crack:


You can’t suspect PBS for conservative agenda. This isn’t The Daily Wire. Notice how this topic is only covered in contexts other than trans. Only when non-trans patients take Lupron, mainstream media does dare to report about its damage.

I guess it makes sense - Lupron makes bones brittle, and teeth are similar to bones. I’m not a medical professional though.

And I bet voting, having rights, and getting all their wife’s property on marriage never triggered gender dysphoria. They could have been the ‘most vulnerable and oppressed’ minority for years but for some reason they’ve only chosen to do so now.

EXACTLY! This is one thing that really bothers me! Like why the fuck would a male want to be a woman when women were considered inferior to males though so many cultures in human history? Makes NO SENSE AT ALL! And would they still want to be women if women didn't have any rights today like how we didn't though most of history?

The only explanation is that it's a fetish. The little minds overrule their 'big' minds much of the time. If the dick likes it, the brain has no say! If they condition themselves to be aroused by female degradation and what it would be like to be the degraded, then that seals it! Of course, when women had way less freedom than now, they sure were underground, huh? No stunning and brave fetishists joining hunger strikes for suffrage, after all.

Trans didn't exist throughout history. It's a modern phenomenon.

Agreed, it's a product of post-modernism; however I believe AGP and HSTS to be very old in themselves.

Right? It’s ludicrous how they’re trying to say “omg trans women were so oppressed back then!” Like buddy 1. This is a modern capitalist perversion and 2. You literally were not.

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