Why is the bisexual flag in the original rainbow flag? It was included!!

So were black and brown people. The only ones that weren't included, and felt the need to enforce the "new" flag to insert themselves were...

Is it a TIF?

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Omg, you need to educate yourself sis. A biotranswoman is a biological woman who identifies as man who identifies as a woman. Over ten million biotranswomen are murdered by someone being rude to them on Twitter every year and yet the so-called LGBTQ+ community refuses to even acknowledge them. Every day they hear "You can't be a transwoman if you were born female" from bigots who don't know that biotranswomen have the same exact brains as transwomen as proven by Science.

The struggle to be themselves (themselves being someone else who is also pretending to be someone else) is very real.

Am I having trouble with this concept because I have Covid brain right now?! ๐Ÿค”

My education has been lacking. Thanks for the help!

Short answer: itโ€™s a woman taking the piss and the TIMs and assorted scrotes hate her.