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Someone said she should scatter Werther's original candies over the bed like rose petals 💀 I can't breathe

Edit "I haven't felt the bed shake like this since WWII"

Someone else suggested she play the Golden Girls theme during sex. 🤣🤣

She should play the Andrews Sisters and Vera Lynn during sex.

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Werther’s are grandma currency, they’re sacred. He can have those filled strawberry hard candies that grandmas always give away to people lol

Aha, I love Werther's, that would really intrigue me.

What does this say about me? Hm.

[–] GenderHeretic 4 points Edited

Yeah, me too, lol. They were one of my favourite lollies as a kid; I didn't even know they were a grandma stereotype XD

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I'm always a bit torn on things like this. On one hand, the comeback is hilarious but on the other hand I couldn't see myself dealing with this. If a guy would keep insisting I do something in bed, despite me repeatedly expressing discomfort, I would not want to continue sleeping with him. So while her answer is amazing, I think it would be better if she leaves the man that can't take no for an answer

I agree! I went to check out Reddit to see if there were men crying about it (thankfully buried if there) and I think this OP is actually real, and she has posted before about this boyfriend who is a whiny manchild.

She seems great, but she seriously needs to raise her standards.


I’ve learned that if you’re going to have any kind of relationship with a man, a lot of rational and even discussion is just plain off the table. I wish it weren’t that way but it is. They don’t collaborate.

In my experience you either smile and nod until they go away, or just start imposing consequences. Anything else is going to be way too much energy and won’t get you anywhere.

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So while her answer is amazing, I think it would be better if she leaves the man that can't take no for an answer.

Hope someone in the comments has suggested this to her. She definitely deserves much better.

I hope she does but in the mean time maybe he will see her point and not be awful to his next GF

Yeah, zero tolerance for that type of bullshit here. Even asking once would be a dealbreaker for me, let alone repeatedly pressuring for it.

Agreed. When someone doesn't take your first no for an answer especially when it comes to sexual things that is a major red flag and unlikely to stop just at "daddy."

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Why do guys do this to themselves? They already orgasm during nearly every sexual encounter, but they'll do incredibly stupid/demeaning/weird things to make their orgasm 3% better. And then they're surprised when it blows up in their face.

This is why I roll my eyes when men whine about not being “sexually satisfied”. Sir, you have the highest orgasm rate out of all sexes/orientations. Well gay men might have higher but that just further proves the point. Men are near guaranteed to come. But wah wah she won’t put on a maid outfit, do somersaults and call me daddy! I’m so oppressed!

This is what I hate about sex pozzery. Practically every bizarre, uncomfortable, or violent sexual desire is automatically validated. I kid you not, I've seen articles in mainstream publications on practicing a cannibalism fetish "safely".

What I don't understand is why do things that make us uncomfortable turn THEM on? Why does it have to be bizarre, degenerate, confusing, gross, and hardly ever connected with affection and pleasure? It's like they're broken by design. I want a refund.

Yeah I’m not sure how kinkshaming as a concept has been accepted unironically.

Why are we in a situation in which I know anyone’s kinks publicly anyway?

Ok, I’m trying to put the concepts of cannibalism and safety together and coming up completely dry. It really gets depressing the range and depth of the nasty fetishes men either have or develop with even the slightest encouragement. Other than being trained/forced/socialized/brainwashed into BDSM which is a male fetish, sex positive nonsensery to the contrary, I’m trying to think if I’ve ever heard or read of women spontaneously coming up with the grosser fetishes. If this is all so human, why aren’t women wearing diapers? Or campaigning for pedophilia en masse? Oh, that’s right, because fetishized behavior is ALL about demeaning and degrading women.

This is a very good point

It’s already more than enough about them.

it’s done when they are done. It won’t happen if it can’t happen for them

I realize that it doesn’t have to be that way, but let’s be honest, it always is.

I just spit out my coffee 😂 I’m just picturing her yelling after him as he runs out of the room like, Daddy, come back, Nana will make this so good for you!

I spewed my coffee too, and then again when I read your reply! 😂

Yeah, that's always been one of the many things I've never understood about porn addicted men. The last thing I ever want to think about during sex is my father. If a man asked me to do that, that would turn me off so much I wouldn't even be able to continue.

Right? And what are they thinking about their (potential) daughter?


T h i s.

Some of the men that like the "daddy" thing actually do have daughters, yet nobody seems to find it extremely creepy. Daughter/stepdaughter and other incest porn is one of the most researched categories it's so fucked up.

Why is incestuous fantasy so normalised?

[–] hypatia tired of it all 75 points

taps sign


That really doesn't answer the question.

It does. Porn has pushed every boundary in the past 50 years. When they'd gone through so many, they started on incest. Porn has normalised it for men. Now they ask for it in bed.

You mean, why are men so obsessed with incest that they’ve made it a major porn category? That’s a question for the ages.

I think the key is to stop looking for answers and reasons. We project rationality onto men. There are better uses of our time and energy than trying to understand their insane and depraved behavior. Just refuse it and move on to more productive endeavors.

[–] hypatia tired of it all 16 points

I personally think it's some sort of Russian psyop, but the actual answer is probably much more boring and depressing - in the age of internet porn, where views are money instead of purchases of tapes, there needs to be a constant escalation of boundary pushing in order for people to feel aroused.

The non-conspiratorial explanation I've seen is that two people banging just isn't exciting enough. They can make videos of two people banging more taboo by overlaying the incest fantasy. They figure that their consumers (men) all will fall into the category of brother or father ... So they seek to find a way to sexualize that. It is disgusting.

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Half of my answers on this site are "The Y chromosome is defective".

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If you don't believe her...


I asked about this to my scientist dad "Hey is it true you're more fucked up in every generation and you'll be extinct eventually?" He said "...yeah" lmao

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Honestly, can someone please explain why men want to be called daddy? Is it a power fantasy once again (so predictable)? And the women who were brainwashed into thinking calling your partner daddy is sexy, please, how on earth does thinking about your FATHER while having sex turn you on?!

Thankfully in my language it is not common at all to call male partners the equivalent of the English 'daddy', but I talked about this to my (male) partner once and he looked disgusted and asked, "why would men ever want to role play as their father in law in a sexual situation?"

"why would men ever want to role play as their father in law in a sexual situation?”

This question cracked me up and I think it should be asked of all men with this kink.

Thankfully in my language it is not common at all to call male partners the equivalent of the English 'daddy', but I talked about this to my (male) partner once and he looked disgusted and asked, "why would men ever want to role play as their father in law in a sexual situation?"

The worst part is that "Daddy" is typically a word only used by little girls (most girls over 12 years old call their fathers "dad"). Some grown women use it (I know its more common in the south). But, for most English speakers, it invokes images of very young girls. And any man wanting to hear "daddy" during sex is probably a pedo.

Christine McVie wrote a whole song calling her boyfriend "Daddy". Name of the song is "Oh Daddy". The lyrics play out like an AGP/masochistic fetish ("Oh Daddy, you know you make me cry / How can you love me? / I don't understand why / [....] / Why are you right when I'm so wrong? / I'm so weak but you're so strong!!!!".

When I was a little girl, having to listen to Rumours in the car with my dad for the billionth time, I thought she was actually singing it to her father 🤪

FWIW I still call my father "Daddy" and so do many of my (female) friends. Maybe it's more common in the UK.

[–] Elle 13 points

That's another implication I hadn't thought about. So this confirms my impression that it's a power fantasy of men who want to be obeyed by and feel superior to women. Disgusting...

"why would men ever want to role play as their father in law in a sexual situation?"

Next time a woman is asked to call her boyfriend "Daddy" she should respond by calling him by the actual name of her father. e.g. Mr Smith or John Smith or whatever. The added bonus is it would give him a taste of what it's like to be expected to change your name to that of your partner's parent.

This woman is a queen, but I sort of hope this is fake since a woman with this much sense (and sense of humor) should know when to walk away.

I want them to stay together so that she slowly chips at his self-esteem by fucking with him like this. It's fucking hilarious and I like gross men being put in their place.

This is the correct response to when men do this. Also, if your boyfriend is pressuring you into anal, say okay as long as you can use the strap-on on him first. It will definitely scare him off lol. Men only realize how gross these things are when they are done to them first. Make them realize this.

Shockingly, that thread is now locked, lol!

Shockingly, that thread is now locked, lol!

The reddit scrotes couldn't handle it.

Why do men feel entitled to their perverse sexual desires? I think this girl should dump her bf.

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