Someone made a post about cis white heterosexual men and I responded with “All inseminators”

Huh? They think it's only white dudes that cause unwanted pregnancies? Good on you for showing any men reading what it's like to be on the receiving end of this dehumanizing and undignified language though. I think we should start referring to them as "ejaculators" and "jizz carriers", see how they like it.

That's what's so ridiculous about the erasure of the word "woman." Words exist for a reason. Coming up with increasingly difficult ways to explain observed phenomena - "people who can get pregnant" vs "people who impregnate" - gets us right back to the categories that TIPs are so desperate to run away from. If anything, it draws even more attention to what distinguishes one group from the other.

So, I'm kinda in favor of playing these stupid word games with TRAs since it ultimately serves as a reminder to them that TIFs are the same category as us while TIMs are the same category as men.

Jezebel had an article the other day with the title “men are being punished for pregnant people’s abortions” (or something like that). Very interesting they didn’t say “ejaculators such as men and trans women are being punished…”

Vanity Fair had an article which in one sentence talked about men's decisions (vasectomy) and pregnant people's decisions (abortions). They don't even see the sexism in erasing only one sex!

I do think that I am watching one of the reasons women got subjugated in the first place happening in real life! Handmaidens are eagerly cooperating in their own erasure while nobody tries to erase men as meaning adult male human beings, not even trans men do that!

I think this is all about putting women back into the proper position as sexual and reproductive resources, nameless, but good for prostitution and surrogacy.

I’ve heard TIMs often saying this. Especially “transbians” that would like lesbians to stop talking about how they can’t get pregnant in a gay relationship.

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Yeah, they even do it if the woman is specifically talking about herself and her own relationship with all the obligatory "transbians are valid!" nonsense disclaimers. Just the idea that females exist who aren't sucking their dicks is offensive to them. Maybe stop forcing your way into lesbian spaces then, you're sure to find it very triggering, haha.

Imo it’s basically psychological manipulation. The semen shooters try to change your language to make sure the possibility of their penis in your body is still an option, even if you know as an actual homosexual, it never would be.

Yeah, it's so rapey and that's the point, they get off on violating women. This is why they specifically seek out lesbian spaces and many admit to being unwilling to date bi women. They'll only accept a cis lesbian, the only demographic that is physically incapable of being attracted to them. Not that bi women want to date these creeps either, I just find it striking how they go out of their way to announce that bi women aren't "validating" enough for them.

Someone needs to go full on obnoxious with this language policing but do it so it affects men. See how long that lasts before the whole thing gets dropped because the poor men are being inconvenienced now.

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Funny how the message is always "women aren't the only people who can get pregnant - trans men and non-binary people can too", and not "men aren't the only people who can cause pregnancies, trans women and non-binary people can too".

Oh my goodness but just because a transwoman has a penis, it doesn't mean she would ever use it for the same things a MAN would. It's a totally different organ! /sarcasm

...but also an actual argument I have seen

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Funny how they seem to know some biology when saying who can sleep with whom without getting one of the participants pregnant.