Don’t forget, they call you a slut if you DO sleep with them too!

There is no way for women to win against misogynistic pricks.

There's no way to not be insulted by them, but not sleeping with them is generally the better decision. That way, at least they don't get what they want before they insult you.

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When you finally realize it´s not only about the fucking part, the reason men hate you it´s because you´re a woman and nothing you do will stop them from hating you. They also hate women who fuck them and obey them.

Men see us like less than human. We are "other things", objects to them.

It used to bother me a lot growing up in a culture like this with a family like this. It fucked with my head that no matter what I did I'd be hated anyway because I'm a female. Then I decided, so be it. To hell with men. Life becomes much easier when you realize how much they like to project.

Yeah, it´s not our fault that society is fucked up and centers men and their needs first and we women are expected to be their slaves.

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There's also all the sub-categories of female partners as characterized by the misogynist:

-The Trad/"Good Wife" (submissive, SAHM, religious)

-The Nag

-The Hot Gold Digger

Thoughts and stuff

The “and stuff” really just ties the whole thing together. Well done.

true, but this leaves out that even if a woman does fuck them she is not guaranteed any better treatment

Was just about to comment this. I know it's a popular meme that men who slut-shame are men who get sexually rejected, but the reality is that there are a lot of men who will sleep with a woman and then slut-shame her afterwards to his bros.

Petition for “slut’s” hair to go to the left, for balance. (Sorry, I know this is a stupid comment, but my brain can’t help it!)

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