Chloe is a child transitioner (puberty blockers + testosterone at age 13, double mastectomy at 15) who spoke out about her detransition yesterday. Her account is already being mass reported by TRAs. Even as a 17yo who's been through such medical abuse she's still more stable than this disgusting AGP who thinks his coom ("sapphic" in bio, pornhub photo as background, just the usual) is more important than the physical health of young women and girls.

She's only 17 and dealing with these creeps? Tho I guess that is the internet in general.. D:

Ah, I see it's grown men threatening female children o'clock again, right on schedule.

Chloe Cole is braver than any of them will ever be. Watching her compose herself in front of thousands and spell out the abuse she was subjected to with equanimity...that’s a woman who’ll move mountains and turn the tides.

"we're totally welcoming to de-transitioners and don't silence them at all."

yeah, hormonal imbalance leads to psychosis, fits of rage depression confusion, and mood swings, who would have thunk... and its supposed to be the 'cure' to all of those things....

Reminds me of this old classic, “despite of my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.”

Image Transcription: Twitter

Chloe Cole, @ ChoooCole

I got angry pretty easily when I was trans too. Get well soon.

Ray Tier, @ RayisaGrrrlAPT

Chloe Cole can fuck right the hell off