Men whine about "unrealistic beauty standards" and there is a host of women saying they like Dad bods... I just see it as letting men off the hook... Men burn fat easier than women and are STILL fat...FFS.

Men burn fat easier than women and are STILL fat...FFS


I follow some weightloss subreddits and whenever a post is titled "I lost 50 pounds in six months by cutting soda and cakes, I wish I knew it was so easy hahaha" I always look at their stats... And of course it is a big man 6ft+ tall.

Boohoo, I too wish I could lose so much weight by cutting liquid sugar and sugared sugar sugar 🙄 try to be me, my dude, a 5ft woman with some sturdy rolls. Do you know how little I should eat in order to lose 50 pounds in six months? 1200 fucking calories per day.

TRy tO CuT sOdA, I wish!

Usually it’s more like “I gave up soda on the third Thursday of every month at lunch and lost 50 pounds in 10 weeks. AMA!”

Right, dude, cuz you are the expert here! 🙄 (Most dudes who do AMA and aren’t experts are just lucky and actually think they know something when they don’t know Jack shit. I see it in business type subs and roll my eyes every time.)

I feel bad for my petite sisters because you’ve drawn the short straw when it comes to weight loss. Your maintenance calories (TDEE) is already so low, and if you want to lose weight? Oof you gotta eat even less.

As a five ft two woman with a thyroid condition, I feel your pain and hate those weight loss stories by men too! I never eat more than 1200 calories a day and still can't lose weight. Especially, after I turned 40..it's so much harder even if you exercise...

Heaven forbid you have some cellulite! Or a bit of a pouch on your tummy (which literally every woman has).

Who needs internal organs or the layer of fat that the body has for the purpose of protecting them?

Anyone who says they like a so-called dad bod over an actually hot muscular body is full of shit and actually just looking for headpats or some libfem fantasy of being taken care of by a rich husband as his lady on the street but his freak in the bed.

Nah, the guy I like has a "dad bod" and he's not even a dad. Thing is, he's also not chubby. He just doesn't have bulked-out muscles and the accompanying definition. But he's also very physically active and spends a lot of time outdoors, so.

I appreciate the aesthetics of a bodybuilding guy, but I don't have any particular hankering for that.

That does not sound like a dad bod at all though if he's not fat

I’ve always hated the rise of women celebrating “dad bods.” I’ve never in my life heard a man talk about how much they love “mom bods.”

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Even the guys with mommy MILF kinks think that a "mom bod" is just big boobs and hips.

I remember reading something by a female porn actor once who said that after you turn 23 it is hard to get any roles that aren’t “milf,” and once you hit 30, it is hard to get any roles at all. I just wanted to barf.

Although most men I know admit they don't care that much. However media and the internet only lauds mom bods that look like just completed puberty bods.

Or how 19 year old men will have forehead lines deeper than a canyon, but 40 year old women are mocked for any visible lines and are expected to drop hundreds every few months to freeze their foreheads lest thet be accused of letting themselves go.

Some of the Reality TV "Stars" faces look like rubber masks at this point. 25 year old women are getting Botox. It's sad that women are not expected to age naturally.

My sister said her friends are telling her to get botox before she gets wrinkles. It's fucking insane. The goalposts will keep moving until we have 5 year olds with face fulls of filler because Goddess forbid women age or dare to be unattractive.

Botox has made comedians into shells of their former selves. Steve Martin cannot do the full range of emotions that he could once do. This is damaging to a comedian’s career. And then there is Dane Cook who looks like a complete freak. Loss of expression is enough to make me stay far away.

I don't watch much network tv, and was shocked at seeing a game show host's face--it did look like a mask, didn't move in a weird way.

Madonna looks like some sort of Kardashian Instagram cyborg. What a disappointment. I was really hoping she would take the opportunity to rebel against the unrealistic standards placed on older women by choosing to age naturally and stay true to her noncomformist self, but instead she just looks kind of insecure and desperate..

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Yeah, and what about grey hair? The fact that men with salt and pepper hair have been completely accepted by society but women are seen as slobs as soon as a single grey hair creeps among their natural colour drives me mad.

I fully intend to age with natural grace. Turning 37 soon, and not letting that stuff touch me.

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Meanwhile, thousands of advertisements saying: "lose that mummy tummy", get rid of your FUPA, how to get your body back after baby!

Women can't live without being constantly picked apart no matter what we do.

Ugh. Like the celebs that do the "Body After Baby!" photo shoots in tabloids.

Except now they get to keep their "body" because they're buying babies from plebian gestators who will never be named, thought of, or mentioned except in passing. Best way to lose that mummy tummy is to never have had one in the first place, I guess.

And if they decide to give birth themselves, they just run to the surgeon right after to get the “mommy makeover” surgery.

It’s so funny because I was always someone who was paranoid about my weight, despite being naturally thin, and it was one of the reasons I was terrified of having a baby. Now I have had a baby and am 20 lbs heavier than I used to be, but I’m healthy and happy and couldn’t give two shits. My priority right now is not on “get rid of that mum flub!” Like.. ffs so many more important things in life. It is just frustrating that those idiotic magazines had such a negative impact on me for so long and made me terrified of something that isn’t even that big of a deal. Wow, an extra 20 lbs. big woop. The world sucks haha.

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I used to weigh under 43 kg (under 95 lbs) and I STILL obsessed over gaining weight. (I'll add here that I'm quite short). Now I am around 10 kg heavier and I'm fine with it. How many years of my youth did I waste worrying over something so fcking stupid. I'm so glad I no longer worry about eating a muffin. Men never ever feel this kind of pressure. I've never heard a man refuse to eat something he wanted due to fear of weight gain. With women, I probably hear a statement like that almost every time we go out to eat.

Totally relate! I still have a bit of a mirror obsession (working on it), but the self hatred and constant intense anxiety over what I looked like has definitely died out with age. They sell us all this garbage in childhood, and the stakes are ever-increasing. I wonder how many of these girls undergoing unnecessary medical procedures in order to chase a fantasy will age out of it. There's a sunken cost to this that wasn't there in previous generations. Girls (if you're lurking), there are so many worse things you can be than "fat" or "ugly". There are so many better things to focus on than your appearance. Women are MORE than an image. Life is more than what we look like :)

Yes yes YES! And one benefit of getting older is that creepy men don’t comment on my body anymore as I walk down the street, so I don’t feel as “on display” as I did as an 18 year old. I remember walking down the street and gross guys calling out comments about whether or not I was hot or if my tits were big enough. Ain’t no one gonna do that now and if they did I would just say “Dude I’m almost 40, I’m too old for this shit!” Hahah

I was JUST thinking about this disgusting term today.

What about being a sperm donor makes your body change into "dad body"?

Even if, god forbid, the scrote takes care of his offspring, does that mean he automatically HAS to eat unhealthy and stop exercising?

The audacity

What about being a sperm donor makes your body change into "dad body"?

IME being middle aged, spending too much time drinking beers with your other Dad friends avoiding responsibilities at home is the cause of Dad bod, which is the exact opposite of attractive.

Yeah, fathering a child does not change a man's body.

If he very devotedly takes care of the baby, then peeeerhaps he gets a biiiit lower testosterone, and that miiiight affect his looks ... by making his hair fall out later.

The truth is, it is just the effects of them aging, having lower testosterone and being less active. But they have to think of themselves as eternally virile, so DON'T YOU DARE say they got too old to be attractive! They are just DADS now!

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What about being a sperm donor makes your body change into "dad body"?

The baby trapped mother

Younger women do seem to call older men "daddies" (ugh) and I think that's what it comes from. It just means older and not so lean.

The first “out” lesbian I ever knew was one of my high school friends. She and I drifted apart after high school, mostly just due to distance, but we later reconnected over social media. I was happy to learn that she was living what appeared to be a fulfilling life (in a long term relationship and always posting about how much she loved her GF, posting cute pics of her cats, posting adventure travel pics etc). She would often tag her pics with hashtags like #tomboy or #butch. She had cool spiked hair and lots of piercings. Just a unique looking person, very striking—in a good way.

Then during the pandemic she sort of went silent on social media for a few months. All of a sudden she posts a pic out of nowhere saying “Hey, my name is Carson, my pronouns are he/him.” She cut her hair into a stereotype male haircut and shortly after that got a mastectomy. I gotta say, she passes pretty well, but I found the whole thing kind of flooring. I had no idea she’d ever identified that way. I don’t know If she ever did until sitting around on the internet during the pandemic morphed her mind.

So anyway, long story short, the other day she (he?) posted some pics of herself shirtless hanging out on a dock at someone’s cottage. She had a caption about her dad bod. I guess she has a bit of a paunch? Nothing I would really normally notice but once she pointed it out, it occurred to me that she was just sitting there sort of proudly displaying the belly, leaned back and holding a beer. And I thought to myself how F-ed up is it that if a woman did that and said “rockin my mom bod” or whatever, people would find it cringey or embarrassing for her. When a dude does it, it’s just funny. It made me honestly feel so sad and wonder if stuff like this is the reason these women decide to just become “men.” So they can finally just be allowed to not have a flat stomach.

Why is this how it has to be??

Edit: to make slightly shorter

You are absolutely onto something there. I used to be a TIF, and I remember before stupidly transitioning being so uncomfortable with my looks and my body. As a 13 year old. The pressure to be thin and beautiful at all times is so strong. Other comments here were talking about being expected to get botox younger and younger, and all these big expectations on our beauty. I think, well, I know atleast for me as a young girl it was too much pressure. I didn't want to worry about wrinkles in my forehead or any of that shit. It's sad that when girls just want to exist without that, they often figure they might as well become a "man" than to be mocked for not meeting the expectations of womanhood.

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I'm always so baffled when I hear a woman trying to get other women to agree that dad bods are sexy or good looking. Like. no?? You are free to have your woke preference I guess (while exclusively thirsting for thin or fit men privately of course), but leave us out of it. It's so jarring to witness.

I think a lot of women "like" dad bods because they feel insecure if they're not more attractive than their partners tbqh

Good point. Also, I think women believe men will return the kindness and stop judging them for not being perfect. Haha.

Male editors created the concept of dad bod, anyway. It's easier for them not to be flabby, no extra layer of fat, no breasts, no hips no reproductive system that takes on a life of it's own. Pffft.

It’s misplaced insecurity, just like the rest of internalised misogyny. The average man—and I mean average in moral development—who thinks he’s scored way out of his league isn’t going to treat his woman better, he’s going to treat her like SHIT because he thinks she’s got no standards. See: Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé, Ric Ocasek cutting Paulina Porizkova out of his will (they married when she was 24 and he, a 45-year-old ghoul). Don’t settle assuming it’ll earn you loyalty because it won’t!

Yep, men deal in power struggles, women deal in kindness. Don’t mix them up

Buzzfeed was doing one of their regular ‘celebrity couples’ things the other day and what struck me was that almost without exception the female half of the couple was better looking and put more effort into her appearance. Even male actors aren’t tyrannised by beauty standards in the way their female counterparts are.

I honestly do prefer a "dad bod" to a super fit thin guy. I don't think it's a "woke" thing. It's just personal preference. However, I don't feel the need to post "I LOVE DAD BODS!" on Twitter or anything goofy like that.

Do you prefer to dad bod to just a normal healthy, decently fit guy?

I guess dad bods are kind of "normal" in my mind. I don't mean a 350 pound man, just a slightly out of shape guy. I think the reason, for me, is that the only very fit guy I dated when I was younger and single asked me to get hair extensions and breast implants so I'd be a hotter girlfriend.

So fucking true! "Mom Bods" are only celebrated if they manage to get skinny again right after giving birth.

Ugh yeah. I will always remember some troll making a twitter post about Billie Eilish and saying “why does she have 30-something wine mom bod” as if being a 30-something mom who drinks wine is literally the most disgusting thing one could ever be!

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What? She’s so slim? Just like, not dangerously underweight lol

What's ironic is that there is no set "mom bod". I was actually super thin through most of my pregnancy and the first few weeks post partum because I had horrible nausea for my first 2 trimesters and lost a lot of weight. I could never lose weight on diets. But I lost a lot of weight by getting pregnant. LOL

Yes. I've known naturally slender women who balloon in pregnancy and ping back to the size I was at 17 every time, despite drinking alcohol and eating what they like. And women who stay big. I've met women who got thin from chemo and women who got fat from chemo. Every body is different.

I once told a man who wanted to date me (read: to fuck me) that he wasn't among my preferences. He couldn't understand that I did not want him at all. I didn't even know him that well and he just began stalking me on social media and just demanding that I go out with him. I told him no multiple times and blocked him where I could. he took to a messaging app where I forgot to put my settings on private and began anew. I was really upset and he always asked: "but why won't you give me a chance". I told him I didn't like the way he looked and on top of that, his overall behaviour was repulsive. Naturally, I do not go around body shaming men. And that was not my intention but he asked why so I told him. I told him it was one of the reasons why I did not want to engage with him at all. And men do not expect to be body shamed by women - at all. They expect to be ACCEPTED THE WAY THEY ARE. The reaction was typical. Insults, 180 degrees from where he was initially, began belittling me and spouting the ugliest stuff. The thing is, he was fat and flabby. He was visibly out of shape- objectively speaking. He was not the prime example of an active outdoorsy male he claimed to be. It wasn't as if I insulted him. I just told him what I saw and mentioned it was not among my preferences. I learned the following: 1. women are expected to just say yes to whatever a man proposes 2. women are expected to accept men as they are, otherwise, they are labelled as superficial 3. women expressing any preference as to the men they're with is seen as a hate crime 4. women pointing out reality when it doesn't benefit the men are seen as harpies

Imo, women look much better with a little bit of weight on them when compared to some chubby or obese man. Not trying to sound mean, but soft, roundish men remind me of the Pillsbury doughboy..lol..but of course, it is women who get called fat asses if we gain so much as fifteen pounds. I've even heard men call pregnant women fat before! So stupid.. at least a mom has a good reason for gaining weight..they are just fat from being lazy!

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