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Keep children off of the internet. That includes tiktok. They should view nothing that hasn't been reviewed by a parent first. This whole thing comes down to keeping kids offline. There's no excuse now; we know it is harmful and that porn is impossible to avoid.

My parents didn't let me watch TV or get a phone or anything like that for most of my life. I used to scorn them for it because I was constantly living under a rock but now I appreciate it more than anything. I'm 18, and some of the ideas that kids are exposed to and brainwashed into believing are normal... they're so misogynist and totally inappropriate.

As a fellow rock dweller I agree.

It wasn't until I was way older in my 20's that I discovered a lot of crap that was hidden from me and I'm pretty sure it would have traumatized younger me because it upsets me now! Kids are fed all kind of BS and it's so friggin' easy for them to be swept up. Parents need to monitor their kids, especially their sons.

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For TV I only had the few free channels. We didn't even have a computer until I was 14, and my parents bought dial up internet only until I was around 17. At 17 I built my own desktop for my bedroom mostly to play mmorpgs with friends. I thought I was deprived being poor, turns out that was likely the best possible thing for me. The first iPhone came out when I was 18/19 so that wasn't an issue. I think phones are probably the biggest thing that will be hard to tackle because kids see their friends with smart phones sharing things with each other. Not giving them a smart phone might make them a social pariah to some extent unfortunately. But I'm going to do what I can to avoid one

Seriously. People treat me like I’m insane because I plan on not letting my (now a baby) son on the internet, have a smart phone, or own a bunch of console games, but I’ve simply seen too much and I don’t want him growing up to be degenerate like so many of them/their kids, etc.

I have 50% custody of my kids and my ex is not onboard with this. My daughter watches tiktok videos her friends show her. What am I supposed to do, ban her from playing with all her friends? Literally NO ONE else is on board with this approach in my area.I do my best, I keep them off the internet here, I do pre-watch things and watch with them and we discuss what we are watching and I try to explain in terms they can understand why tiktok is bad and loss of digital privacy is bad, but it feels very hopeless. And then I get here and get a comment like this telling me I have no excuses. I don't know what else I am supposed to do.

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You are doing everything you can do. I don't know why you think that my comment was an accusation of failure directed at you. It certainly takes more than just one parent to do it. I'm saying society has no excuse, we, as a society, know it is harmful. "something something it takes a village..." My husband and I want to keep our kids off the internet, but my step son's (9) mother isn't internet savvy and doesn't know the danger it poses, she doesn't limit him or monitor him at all because she thinks he just plays Roblox and watches kids' videos. So what can we do? Nothing while he's with her. COVID online school didn't help. But I firmly believe we all need to work together as a group to keep kids away from the internet, and educate each other on its dangers. There are schools requiring laptops now, children keep their phones on them during class... Why?

Isn't 11 the average now? It's shocking, but when i grew up i realized a lot of the stuff young boys said to me were very much pornography inspired. And that was the 90s. I can't imagine now.

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I used to teach kids martials arts when I was younger, like teenage to young adult, and there was one session that shocked me. It was dismissal and I saw a couple boys giggling over something on their phone in a corner. Went over and it was porn. They were maybe 9-11 year olds. I was so shocked (and still inadept at dealing with situations like this) so I just shouted at them to keep their phones. This was maybe 15 or so years ago so yeah, I can only imagine it's worse now.

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With the expansion of the internet, pornography became a vast and underreported threat to children and teenagers

Reminds me of this skit: https://youtu.be/3vuCiCZHxs4?t=125

People access information pretty much instantly!

What do people use this crazy power for?

A whole lot of pornography!

I started watching porn at 11 :( still recovering

So sorry. You're a victim, as are all children exposed to this filth. I've seen stories about kids as young as 7 watching it. There's no way an 11 year old has the mental faculties to cope with this appropriately. :(

I grew up in the 2000s I was first introduced to porn at age 6 😔 I was looking up images of scooby doo 😫.

It's not your fault, it's the fault of the makers who created those media. They are the criminals, you are the victim.

Hurry up and use the Nordic method!

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It's probably the testosterone and libido and whatever but why are males SO driven by sexual arousal and their dicks. We don't see droves of young girls watching male porn or seeking out dicks to look at online, do we?

(....despite my flair. Serious question.)

Men need to be forced to choose between extreme testosterone suppression and castration at the time of puberty. No one should have to live in a society with them as they are. In the US it is quite literally a violation of constitutional rights for them to be like this.

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Tbf that is kinda what is happening already with male "trans" kids lol ):

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If women are used to their own abuse and fetishizing it because of how long the generational abuse has been, the dick-centering over the centuries may have left marks in male brains

Unfortunately rates are rising because it’s so heavily normalized at this point, but they often watch softer versions of what the boys watch. So like they watch mainstream stuff or gay porn but they don’t delve into the abnormally dark shit at the same levels as guys do.

A lot of girls in my class read fanfiction , mostly gay fanfiction weirdly . I never understood the fascination with gay relationships. Mind you I’m bisexual with a heavy preference for women so maybe I just wasn’t interested in most male characters.

What does your flair mean ? I’m a bit out the loop when it comes to anime lol

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Ahh it's just japanese for "rotten woman", a "fujoshi" is someone who basically romanticizes male on male pairings, usually of the fictional anime variety lol. The wikipedia on it is fairly accurate if you want to go down that cursed rabbithole

My boy just turned 10 and while I don't helicopter parent him, my husband and I do monitor his media usage. We got him a watch phone so he can call and text us and family we've approved. It gives him a lot of freedom to run around with his friends in the neighborhood, but he can't just talk to anyone. I want him to be a little boy as long as possible. I know I can't protect his little heart and brain forever, I can try.

Please look at his internet history every single day! The results you find may amaze you ......

He uses the tv in our livingroom (we have it hooked up to a computer, idk my husband is techy) and I sit in the same room so I see everything he does.

This is the way. We can't stop it entirely but we can delay it as long as possible!

First, his mother should take away his internet for a month at least, so he can teach him a lesson.

Second, are those "girlfriends" ...... that the young man is communicating with them online or in reality? Be especially careful about online, shouldn't let teenagers do that, on the other side we all know it could be dirty bearded balding old men, but whatever it is, if you become a mother, don't be afraid to cut them off from love obsessed communication and give them grounding!

A family that does that in the modern west might be considered a radical Christian family, but that wasn't too long ago considered normal parenting rules. Gee, I love the information age 😔

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I swear to gaia if my son does this, he is grounded for life with zero tech for the rest of his life. Geez at 11 I had my first crush and I dreamt of holding hands with him - not even intense kissing!!

I grew up as a teenager in an environment where not even one person wanted to kiss passionately, where romance was all outside of what we thought about, and where few people sincerely wanted to start dating from middle school to high school because we all made it a priority to study hard and prepare for entrance exams.

Someone needs to send corpse sniffing dogs to those secluded areas that kid frequents....