It's all over the cosmetics industry. Especially mascara for some reason: "Better Than Sex", "Bad Gal", "Fetisheyes", etc. I don't care how good these products might be, I don't buy them on principle.

I thought you said Fisheyes at first and I thought that was hilarious.

"Fetisheyes"? Its like the Shinigami Eyes, but worse....

Imagine if we had a mascara that worked like Shinigami Eyes, but it changes color if you're a pervert. Don't tell the TIMs, just market it as the next hot thing in makeup and ALL THE WOMEN WANT IT. Then step back and enjoy the lulz.

Everything NARS makes is extremely sexualized, most of the stuff Toofaced makes is sexualized and the owner has been misogynistic in the past, and the absolute worst is Jeffree Star but everyone knows Jeffree is like that already... but in case you don't know he markets chalky overpriced mattes that basically all look the same on the skin and have too many dupes, to teenagers, using nsfw names. Like the "orgy" pallette that had shade names like "glory hole" and shit

One reason I got a korean palette, the colors were named after coffee and berries... i was like ok i can deal

Like the "orgy" pallette that had shade names like "glory hole" and shit

Wtf 🤢

Yeah it was really controversial because Jeffrey has so many underage fans

Yeah, I prefer no makeup. These toxic waste products are damaging AND insulting at the same time? It has no business near my face.

I'm glad I was always too lazy to make makeup part of my routine. Its so pointless and bad for one's skin.

The only times i used makeup was when i had to act onstage. It was indeed to change my face: like to become an old woman, or an eldritch abomination, or things like that. It was usually theater sfx makeup. Out of stage? Nope. Too lazy and now too angry to care

Even if you can put aside the creepy, pedophilia angle, those names are still terrible because what fucking color is "age of consent" and "spanking" supposed to invoke!? Pink? Red? Green? Purple? How are women supposed to choose a shade based on those stupid fucking color names!?

Makeup companies get a lot of flack for using dopey color names like "cream", "mocha", "rose water", "ivory", "dark chocolate", "cherry", etc for lipsticks and foundation. But at least those words evoke an actual COLOR so women have some idea what they're shopping for!

/art nerd rant

I used to see a lot of people complain that makeup names being food is weird on the beauty subreddits. I'm like huh but yall are ok with them being porny???

I used to see a lot of people complain that makeup names being food is weird on the beauty subreddits.

I can somewhat understand where they're coming from. Some women think its dehumanizing to be compared to foods. And It can be confusing when one brand's idea of "mocha" or "ivory" looks nothing like another company's version of that same color. I heard that Rhianna's makeup brand attaches numbers to the shades and i think that's a much better system.

I'm like huh but yall are ok with them being porny???

LOL I know right! Its upsetting for POCs to have to buy makeups with names like "coffee" or "chocolate". But its totally cool to have an eyeshadow called "Slutty Asian Schoolgirl" or whatever???? Libfems are confusing.

Could we balance it out and call the lighter shades by cheese names? I wear Baked Parmesan, while my red-headed cousin buys Cottage Cheese coloured foundation.

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Oh gosh I'm so out of touch with beauty products. I didn't see an issue at first because I was thinking like, "cherry red" or "broccoli green" or whatever, not skin colors. I'd definitely be insulted if I saw "banana yellow" 🤣

what fucking color is ..."spanking" supposed to invoke!? Pink? Red? Green? Purple?

Bruised black & blue, with a hint of yellow as it ages? Broken skin blood red? Raised welt crimson?

Ew yeah i remember buying some NARS blush back in my early teen years that was named Orgasm.

I think that started the whole trend. Before that, I remember lipstick had lovely names, like Cherries in the Snow and Black Honey.

A cult product and their most successful 🤢

It’s not any better than most other blushes but so many women are like “OMG, holy grail, you MUST buy it, it’s a GAME CHANGER!!!!!”

I still use that one. TBF the whole point of mascara is to make it look like you just orgasmed anyway. At least that one is truth in advertising

Did you mean the whole point of blush? Honestly I think it's just to make you look young, my entire face and neck look red during sex, never seen someone go for that look with makeup. Now that I'm aging I sorta get it, my face has less color and even my eyelashes have been bleached over the years by the sun, whenever I see a toddler I'm struck by how dark their lashes are.

Nope, the actual exact point is to look like you had an orgasm. Bright eyes, bright cheeks. I see googling doesn’t yield many results anymore, but there was a study in the early 2000s that popularized this. This is the main reason I think it’s super gross to see girls in makeup.

Also my comment was mainly sarcastic about “truth in advertising” 😆

At least they're honest. When I see these names I am reminded that I'm hunted. I used to be charmed by poetic names when I was younger. The nasty porny names are just saying the quiet part out loud.

Makeup culture has gotten so incredibly more disgusting since I was young, it's rotten to its core.

When I was a teen we just had cover girl foundation and lipgloss. Some wore mascara, but it was all so subtle compared to today.

"age of consent" 🤮 Every day I pray for a cleansing rain

But remember... They wear it for themselves!

Who the hell thought these were good names?? And who'd actually buy something with such names?? It's very off-putting.

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I know I refused to buy products with names like these when I wore makeup.

Understandable! Would make me feel so weird, if I even had something with a name like that in my house :/

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Girls who want to explore their sexuality will associate makeup with sex.

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