I wish I'd known that three weeks ago :/ For anyone reading this, some signs are:

  • Erectile dysfunction in his 20s
  • Can't have sex without talking about fantasies (i.e. can't be in the moment and enjoy what's physically happening, has to play a fantasy in his head)
  • Thinking he can do better than you when... he really can't (because he's used to seeing hyper-sexualised women doing whatever on screen, and doesn't realise the real world isn't full of hot women trying to do whatever he wants)

In addition to erectile dysfunction:

  • Delayed ejaculation or anorgasmia

Penis becoming flaccid the moment a condom comes on is a sign, too, I guess?

(Oddly specific and yes I'm asking for.... myself 20 years ago)

I never thought about that but you’re probably right unless the guy has a legitimate sensory issue that’s quite extreme but I would imagine something like that is pretty rare, even though a lot of men like to pretend that condoms are too uncomfortable for them to wear.

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There is more to life than servicing the increasingly petulant demands of a man-child who will never be satisfied, who you aren't even married to.

Not my sticker but I literally put a few of my own anti-porn anti-sex trade stickers out around my city recently as well :)