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You mean center women’s desire like center only women who say it’s great? Featuring only those who claim pleasure in being choked and degraded?

Like insist women who don’t find it desirable are just not liberated enough?

Cuz yeah, lots of that.

Hmmm, not sure I got your point but I was thinking along the lines of how sex "positivity" still leads to men's desire being centered in relationships between men and women. Where women's pleasure and desire is still not considered as important by either the man or the woman. Where women are still objectified, even encouraged to self-objectify by libfems, and considered props for male desire (including strangulation and other acts of degrading abuse which is also encouraged by libfems) rather than creating a social environment that encourages women to take ownership over her own authentic desire for the kind of sex that she considers healthy and enjoyable. That is, true sex positivity would include negging abusive acts that men desire, and create positive messages for healthy expressions of sex that benefit women.


I’m just being sarcastic. I need to better use the /s

I seem to believe people can magically read my tone, lol

Sorry about that

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Of course they will center "women's" desires... or at least, they will redefine men to be called "women" and then center their desires, surely it's the same thing right?

Then again, libfem goal is a bit more insidious, "sex positivity" really is just a way to turn "sex work" (prostitution and surrogacy) into "jobs", and thus eventually legalize commercial surrogacy (as they did in New York) and turn real women into baby factories through surrogacy agencies.

The libfem goal is to repurpose women to become breeders for the capitalist marketplace of "supply" and "demand". Sex positivity is a step towards having "supply"...

If you feel dehumanized by this, yes. I think that is their true goal.