Yes they do. "To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property. In either case, we are not considered to be humans: we are things." Andrea Dworkin

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Right: submission to men is natural order

Left: submission to men is empowering

Left, 2022 addition: (and also if you don't adequately submit to special men you're being an oppressive bigot!)

Consider that Britain's Labour party has never had a woman leader.

Whereas the Conservatives have managed three women prime ministers.

(Not that I would vote Conservative, obviously, but I also wouldn't vote Labour based on their track record).

I swear they are secretly working together.

Patriarchy is the global religion of the entire world. It unites men across geography, race and class. Men's superiority is the foundational belief system upon which all other systems of government, religion, institution and social order are built.

Men always support other men over women. A young girl can get raped and her father will be angry at her, not the attacker. Men only respect other men.

At the end of the day, feminism and associated struggles are inherently a left wing talking point. It's very annoying that the left is filled with pornsick men, but that's why niches like Ovarit are so important.

All men regardless of politics see women as objects.

That's not feminist theory (rad fem, lib fem, or other), it is simply scientific fact.

When men look at other men, the part of their brain devoted to interpersonal communication engages ; when looking at women, it's a different section of the brain, which is devoted to assessing objects.

Many, maybe most, men are aware that this is not literally true ; they believe women are human with thoughts and emotions, but they cannot help but feel women are things. Subhuman THINGS.

This explains thousands of years of man made religion, man made legal codes, man made scientific "facts"....

The first studies on this bizarre feature of the human male brain were released in 2014-2015 , somewhere in there. All I can find now are later 'replication' studies, which purport to 'prove" that it's only women in bikinis who are objectified. That's not what the older study showed . It was simply being physically female regardless of garments that made women appear as objects to men ; IOW, See , ladies-? It's YOUR FAULT for going to classes , to buy groceries, to work, while wearing bikinis. Men are just helpless victims of their biology .

It almost seems as if the older articles on the neurological studies (men hooked up to machines) have been scrubbed , though I didn't exactly spend hours looking for them :


Male chimps raised by humans are sweet and friendly, till they hit puberty. Then they become very dangerous. It appears that the human female body shape "triggers" their responses to human females, and hence to human males who are therefore rivals. Given how much human/chimpanzee DNA is shared, I believe that means that the human male response is also inherent in their brains as well .(Lots of people say little boys are "sweeter" than little girls, till puberty ; could this be related-? It's strictly subjective, though, this alleged greater "sweetness".)

Anyway. If men regardless of politics see us as objects, and if this is something encoded in the human male brain, then I am damned to see what could help alleviate the issues thereby caused.

This is just my personal assumption not based on any science...

I would think that any changes in puberty must be related to testosterone. I don't imagine the the object/person disconnect is necessarily to be mean although it would definitely exacerbate it. Men are mean to each other too. Men cause wars. I think the objectification of women likely comes from seeing how we are treated by society.

This is true. Left wing men support women until we have an opinion that isn't about how oppressed men are.

Great image! Sometimes these things need to be illustrated like this for people to understand!

Both men look like douchebags. Somehow the one on the left looks worse.

I don’t know they “look worse.” They’re not the ones actively dismantling our rights. They’re not the ones blaming women’s suffrage for ruining the country and actively supporting efforts to repeal the 19th Amendment. They’re not the ones who want to force us back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, to carry out their purpose for us. That they happen to agree with us on one point does not an ally make; they want us separate, unequal and reliant on them, which is much more difficult to do without sex-based division and discrimination. Make no mistake, conservatives are not your friend. They aren’t interested in preserving your rights. They are using your rights to reinforce strict gender norms and not for benevolent reasons.

They’re [the left] not the ones actively dismantling our rights.

No, they very much are, just different rights.


They both are dangerous and harmful in their own ways

In fact, they seem to be working together because we are losing our rights to bodily autonomy, chipping at our financial autonomy apart from men AND out right to assemble, speak, pursue happiness,, have safety, be defined

Our basic human rights: our right to bodily autonomy, our right to vote, our right to not be forced to follow their particular flavor of Christianity, and they’re doing it specifically to regain control of us. The left is dismantling our right to single-sex spaces, our ability to protect ourselves from men, and our language to describe ourselves. Both sides are dehumanizing us. Both sides are trying to redefine womanhood against women’s wishes. But if you want to say one side “looks worse,” it would be the right.

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