I have actually been told off at a womens March for using “no uterus no opinion” because it “excluded trans women.” They didn’t have a response when I pointed out that those trans women can’t get pregnant so it still leaves them with the least ground to talk on the matter.

I swear the Women’s March was the beginning of me peaking with this shit. Between the “pussy hats are transphobic because not all women have vaginas!” crap and the “pussy hats are racist because they only reference white women’s vaginas!” sentiment (really? I’m pretty sure NO ONE of any race has a neon pink vulva/vagina, but hey I’m no doctor), it really got me to re-examine my thoughts on today’s version of feminism.

Given that I have a past of looking at porn and have had other occasions to see photos of vulvae I can say with absolute confidence that there are white women with brown labia minora and black women with pink ones, so they can STFU with that race-baiting, and that's not a term I normally use in such a context but it definitely applies here.

Yeah, from my personal sexual history and what I've heard from other lesbians, most women have labia that are at least a little melanated, but I think everyone's vagina is still pink.

I don't think any POC women were complaining though, it's just another example of white TIMs trying to shut women up by claiming racism. They know not everyone has sympathy for them, so they need to cloak themselves in the oppression of other groups to bully people into submission. They're the racist ones who are always saying shit like, "well, if you're going to let black women call themselves women, then you have to let men call themselves women too!"

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They were pink because pink is the "girl color" (admittedly problematic in its own way) not because pink is the color of white women's vaginas.

If pink implies white vaginas, shouldn't it be removed from the trans flag? Maybe they'd like to replace it with a triangle of shades of brown?

Cuz they aren’t fucking “included” in the danger of getting pregnant!

Right. I won't be included at a prostate cancer survivor support group and - I am ok with that.

Bbut muh GSpot! Muh feminine prostate! What about ME in this discussion let us center ME I can't bear if it doesn't center MUH OPINIONS!!

  • Someone, probably

“no uterus no opinion excluded trans women.”

No, it includes ‘transmen’

for using “no uterus no opinion” because it “excluded trans women.”

Yes, that's the point.

I didn't exclude them from needing abortions though, god did, take it up with him! Are we just not allowed to talk about anything related to females now? We have to pretend that periods and pregnancies don't exist, womanhood only consists of people choosing to put on false eyelashes?

TIFs do the same thing though, it's like we're only allowed to talk about "women's" penises and "men's" vaginas, the other 99% of us aren't allowed to talk about our experiences or advocate for each other at all. The fake lesbian reddit sub is full of examples of this, an AGP posting about his "lady boner" gets hundreds of awards, while posts talking about sex with females get attacked by TIMs and then removed.

It’s not the language they were particularly concerned about, it was the “no”

Truer words were never spoken. All language that shocks TiMs out of their male fantasy of what it is to be female must be banned.

Exactly! It’s how they show their privilege. It proves they know trans women are men. Women, actual biological females, are not supposed to say no or set limits.

Sometimes I think we should switch to "not your uterus, no opinion," anyway, because no woman has any more right to tell me whether to get an abortion than any man does. It's my uterus, not their uterus. And then good luck to the TIPs/TRAs crying "transphobia" because they'll have absolutely no leg to stand on. That's right. MY existence is trans-exclusive because I AM NOT TRANS... get over it, freaks.

Yeah true, it's depressing to me that the number of anti-choice women in the US is about identical to the number of anti-choice men. Amy Coney Barrett certainly didn't do us any favors.