This is why I hate trans shit being equated with gay issues. I'm not required to do extra work in order to tolerate gays & lesbians existing around me. But we all have to participate in games of make believe whenever someone comes out as gender-special

Thank you for recognizing that gays and lesbians are different from the trans group. Lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals wish to be separated from the trans dramatics, and it's frustrating to constantly be lumped in along with them in the media. All that we homosexuals wanted was for the law to recognize our love for a partner of the same sex. No straight person's life was impacted. And now in 2021, we are fighting to keep minors from being given cross-sex hormones. Incredible.

And this rhetoric is often aimed at women. In general, women are expected to provide free validation to random people.

See: men exhorting young female strangers on the street to "smile, honey!"

I really hate how to the conversation about mental health evolved to say "you are responsible for other's happiness and you need to be part of their therapy"

No one needs to do that. Children need to be told this, not even just related to trans issues.

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Yes! It is very damaging to teach children that they must cater to the whims and delusions of others. Instead, they must learn to respect each other's differences, but also to respect themselves. That is what's getting lost here.

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It is also damaging to tell children that their self worth and validity (for the want of a better word) depend on outside opinions. And that is what we are teaching "trans kids" now. We're telling them that people misgendering them should make them feel unworthy, even suicidal, while we should be telling them that they cannot base their self worth and happiness on the reactions of others.

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I grew up in an authoritarian country, thankfully my parents never taught me to cater to anybody's delusion, they merely taught me to shut up in front of wrong people and keep myself safe.

This is a pretty good life strategy, I don't do free emotional labor to serve anybody, not even my partners. So I could be laser focused on my education and career, and be successful.

This tweet got a super warm welcome on r/Superstraight! Keep posting your ideas, values, and opinions on there, ladies. There is a good subset of people there willing to share in our ideals. And don't be afraid to get in there and make it your sub.

So true. The same for any other mental illness, really (and I say this as someone who has gotten some pretty ignorant stuff thrown at me over my mental health). No one is obligated to be your therapist, least of all people who didn’t choose that as their career field. I don’t participate when people choose to use abusive tactics to try and guilt trip or gaslight me. It’s getting depressing that these tactics are pretty much all they use to do just that.

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Exactly! This is what I’ve always said to my (former) friends that are TRAs. It’s not on other people’s shoulders to make sure they tip toe around my desires and change their behavior to provide me precisely the type of social reception I desire for myself. Who expects that? Who has ever gotten that but rich and famous people & “alpha” men? We need to keep the distinction between LITERAL violence and figurative violence (through hurt feelings) and protect people from the former but ease up on controlling behavior in regards to the later. It’s okay to suggest that in your opinion someone should do X Y and Z for trans people but making it a legal requirement or berating those who won’t? Absolutely not.

What they don’t see is when it comes to women and the trans issue especially this kind of expectation is forcing me to participate in some people’s kinks. It’s not so simple that sweet, innocent, men just want to be loved and accepted. People are trying to force us to play along in scenarios when some men are getting off on their participation in women’s spaces. It’s not my responsibility to try to discern the good from the bad and to have to analyze my every move and word to protect a man’s feelings. When I see one shred of consideration from women from these people I’ll consider trying to be nice.

So glad you shared that. I stumbled on excellent thread by the same author here about how the language of the GD diagnostic criteria of the DSM-5 is filled with sexist stereotypes.

The world isn't half as concerned for actual women's mental health as it is for trans feefees.

we should start demanding they send us cash on venmo to make up for all the emotional labor they require from women to validate them