I have taken to pointing out that when you make a person into a commodity to be bought and sold you make that person into an object. This is distinctly different from work because the person's body is the product vs the person's time/productivity. This is why it is refutable that sex is "work" and should not be called as such.

Making a person into an object is dehumanizing. It's then important to point out that one of the steps towards genocide is dehumanizing the target group of people because it's a lot easier to argue that nonhuman objects can be destroyed. Euclid's first axiom is that things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Prostitution is equal to making women objects. Making a person an object is equal to a step to genocide. Therefore prostitution is equal to a step in genocide. Only sadists and psychopaths support genocide.

Ten stages of genocide.

Euclid's Axiom's.

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I had not seen the ten stages of genocide before. If I am interpreting things correctly then it is not looking good for women:

  1. Classification - we've been classified - women as a category versus the 'standard' of men.
  2. Symbolization - uterus havers, menstruators, cervix havers... TERFs
  3. Discrimination - our civil liberty of peaceful assembly - we are not allowed to gather together without men; our pay is lower; we are shouted down and not allowed to speak our minds.
  4. Dehmuanization - we are equated with vermin, animals or disease... (thinking of the various trans posts)
  5. Polarization - hate groups broadcasting propaganda - (thinking of the various trans posts)

So, we should be fine because that's just 5 of the 10 by my interpretation... ha ha...

Still have:

number 5. Organization - I don't think they are that organized yet... but maybe if I consider big pharm or other corporations...

number 7. Preparation - we are not yet separated out... but we are being identified. After all I have gone through lengths to remain anonymous...

number 8. Persecution - we are not yet in concentration camps... but isn't doxing or cancelling a form of persecution?

number 9. Extermination - not in groups - yet...

number 10. Denial - the perpetrators deny they committed any crimes... nah, nobody is denying that women are oppressed... (edit - forgot that we deserve it because we are transphobes...)


(note to self - things to do today - buy milk, prepare for potential genocide...)

I would argue that genocide of women is ongoing. Female fetuses have been selectively terminated in huge numbers, causing severe problems in the parts of the world where this happens. Women and girls suffer domestic violence throughout the world, and only a relatively small percentage of people really care about it enough to actually DO anything about it. Rape is essentially legal, due to the pitiful enforcement of laws against it. Crimes motivated by misogyny aren't considered hate crimes, and I doubt they will be in our lifetimes. This is why I am so infuriated by men who tell us that feminism isn't needed any more because we're equal. We are not.

Yes, I agree with this. And to tie back in with the main post, that men, across the globe, for thousands of years have demanded a class of women and girls from whom they can buy sexual access, that they can dehumanize and rape. A class of women and girls they murder at staggering rates and get away with it. Every woman and girl has to deal with the threat of being pushed into this class based on factors that are frequently not in her control.

Hah, we commented nearly the same thing at the same time!

I'd say if anything it's actually drastically worse in the modern era. At least in the past it was harder to kill your girl children once they were born. Fathers would sometimes change their minds when they would actually see and hold the baby. It's nearly impossible not to bond even a tiny little bit with your newborn child, which would occasionally save girl children.

Nowadays the husband can simply order his wife to go get an abortion. No connection or bond to the baby at all, just an errand to be checked off the list that day. You'll see women having multiple abortions in one year solely because they keep having girls.

The sex ratio is worse now than it ever was before, and we're seeing the damaging and violent results of this new technology being abused. Thousands—if not millions—more female fetuses lost in one year than probably a ten year period in an ancient civilization.

We're seeing human trafficking EXPLODE in those same areas (India, China, plus others—but those are the most well-known and worst current scenarios). I recently read an account of a 19 year old girl who was kidnapped, forcibly married to a Chinese man, raped, then isolated until it was too late for her to get an abortion. After the baby was born they gave her the option of returning home, because she had "done her duty". I was so livid and sick to my stomach while reading that.

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It feels like we've been going through this "genocide" for a thousand years now. It's slow but steady.

Just think about the millions upon millions of girl children who have been slaughtered in the past. Bashed on rocks, drown, left in the cold to die of exposure or eaten by a wild animal.

Not to mention since the invention of the ultrasound the millions upon millions of aborted female fetuses.

We're currently in the midst of this genocide.

Yes we are certainly being dragged through this list. We are at different levels depending on the country but we're on that list in pretty much all of them. The Repubic of Gilead isn't a fiction, it's a plan.

You’re missing a #11 which is women’s own refusal to dare utter the word or even inch in the direction of matriarchy. In the western world at-least we have the education, resources and relative freedoms to start militant separatism, but some of the same women who decry the evils of patriarchy are silent as the grave about the true loyalty to women it would take to snatch the rug out from under patriarchy’s feet and build our own woman centered world . No one is ready for the conversation on how readily women - in the westernized world - volunteer for the status quo.

Honest to god, I think we are up to seven. I fully believe that the gofundme take down, combined with banks preventing people from making accounts, and the LA decision to cut power to a party house in a pandemic are laying the groundwork for expropriation.

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