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I grew up relating to the written word of men who hate me. I loved books from a young age, but was rarely recommended books written by women. It is ridiculous how many toxic trash of men are considered geniuses, artists, whatever in their fields but women are held up to some lofty moral standard.

Roald Dahl: hugely antisemitic. Refused to apologise for his Jew-hate even after he received letters from Jewish children. Claimed that Jews must have done something to deserve the Holocaust because even someone like Hitler didn't just kill people for no reason.

People: Aww Matilda! Charlie and the Chocolate factory! I love those books!

Lol if women are “half-ape,” men are full-ape

when reading this i said aloud 'does he know that we're the same species'

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I guess his chimp strength and gorilla rage are hampering his judgment just a lil bit

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We could add Charles Bukowsi to that list. Loved by dude-bros the world over, and epic woman hater/beater. It's okay though, it's not like he was mean to other males or anything.

🔥🔥...And Philip Roth, and John Updike, and Chuck Palahniuk, and Bret Easton Ellis...🔥🔥

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Charles Bukowsi to that list. Loved by dude-bros the world over

"hE gEts iT".

Brrrr! I geet the shivers just by remembering the dude-bros I actually heard liking him.

It’s handy to have a list of sexist heroes you can use to eliminate potential dates.

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Replying to myself but: even if you decided you don’t like me personally from my posts here, why would you downvote this one? What is more noncontroversial than saying it’s handy to know about sexist authors which are a common tell of a guy you probably don’t want to get involved with, because even if he’s not an outright abuser or sexist, he’ll likely be a manbaby who will drain your time and resources? It’s fairly simple math: if a guy loooves Bukowksi, Hemingway, Chuck Palahniuk, William Burroughs, et al (there are many more)- save yourself the potential trouble, as it’s more probable than not at that point.

This is not a controversial thing to say on Ovarit. At all. So who tf is downvoting?

Are there dudes on here whose feelings are hurt? Wtf?

Edited to add: I see the Ovariters above were downvoted too, for saying the same. Someone on here caping for these male authors? 🤣

It make me cringe! I mean he's a quotable guy, but he was such a shitty neckbeard.

Even if one conceded that the men on that list are a product of their time; Rowling is treated far worse than men who say the same shit as her TODAY!

Case in point, Dave Chappelle literally described transgenderism as "A rich white man's hobby". And, while he got some criticism, nobody on Twitter is calling for him to be raped, lynched, or demanding that credit for The Chappelle Show be retroactively applied to Caitlyn Jenner. Furthermore, no one is claiming to feel "unsafe" or "triggered" because Chappelle reruns are still on TV. TRAs go after Rowling because she's an easy target. She's a good woman who wants to be liked. And they're PISSED that Rowling grew a backbone and stood her ground

Allen Ginsberg: Open pedophile who shamelessly campaigned with NAMBLA as a public member and tried to link the gay rights movement with pederasty. Never apologized because he never saw the wrongness inherent in it.

Literature profs, hipsters: “Man, have you even read ‘Howl’? It’s like all you can think about are a person’s sexual proclivities and not their art. Why not get off your self-righteous high horse and start reading art for the art, man. Oh, and JKR is a TERF, fuck her.”

Neil Gaiman wrote a long screed about how women who are "triggered" are silly, don't need trigger warnings, and need to just get over their trauma.

He also constantly went after/ attacked Anne Rice, and I've always believed it was because he was jealous that she was/is a better writer. He came really petty, stalking her and posting comments about what she was doing when it had nothing to do with him.

Also, always dating and marrying women half his age, and some other stuff I can't think of right now. I used to love the Sandman comics, but when I learned about Neil Gaiman as a person, I always couldn't stand him.

And it's so frustrating because everyone loves him and just overlooks all the shit that comes out of his ignorant, mansplaining mouth.

Also, a lot of his work is just ripped off from super hero comics and follows boring tropes. Yet everyone freely hates his wife, Amanda Palmer who, while annoying, is an actual creative genius. (I used to love Dresden Dolls.)

Joss Whedon ripped off Octavia Butler's science fiction novels and turned them into some episodes of Angel. He also ripped off Anne Rice while constantly mocking her through dialogue on Buffy and Angel, among other numerous sins against women.

And yes. Mary Shelley, who created the science fiction genre, wrote Frankenstein all by herself.

Hell, you can expand outward just from authors into entertainers in general. I don't see anyone trying to cancel Elvis for grooming a 14yo Priscilla, or Jerry Lee Lewis for marrying his underage cousin. Documentaries have been made about how creepy Michael Jackson was, yet quite a few people refuse to believe it. David Bowie, crowned prince of online queer fandom, has a few rape allegations and reportedly had sex with underage girls in the 70s.

We're expected to cancel women for standing up to male entitlement, but we're never allowed to cancel men for being entitled. Decades of creepy behavior isn't enough to ruin his contributions to "art".

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I remember one of the 13 year old girls later said "I chased HIM, he's not a predator!" like, that isn't how this works. As a fully grown adult it's his responsibility to turn down the advances of any literal children.

But he didn't. It kinda makes me sick to see fawning over Bowie here.

Bowie is a hard one, because I think a lot of people, including feminists, see him as exemplifying the sort of androgynous genderbending that we're talking about when it comes to clothing not changing your sex, and that men can wear makeup and style themselves in feminine ways but everyone is still going to see a man in the end. I was never a big fan, but I can see the value of him as an example of what seemed to be a more enlightened time in terms of gender expression even if as an individual man, his actions are gross and disappointing.

I hardly read any fiction until adulthood, not because I had anything against fiction in general, but because it was so hard to find anything that wasn't woman and girl-hating without adult-type access privileges and experience. It bothers me a lot that those kind of limits for kids are being reinforced again, and that there are still such limits on adults.

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