This is really silly but what bothers me so much about Billie's photoshoot is (among other things) that she was born after 2000 and in my brain everyone born after 2000 is like 12

Lmao when I hear about people born in the 80's my mind instantly goes "ah they're in their twenties!"

It's so stupid, but I can't change my brain from thinking that way lol

If you were born in 2005, you're probably in kindergarten now. At least that's what my brain thinks

The only thing that stops my brain from going down this path is that I have kids. But anyone born in the 20 years before my first child was born, will forever be a late teen/early 20s something.

Right?!? I get these women booking prenatal appointments with birthdays in the mid nineties and I'm like, Awww teen pregnancy... And then do the math and realise she's well into her 20s...

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This is exactly the image I was looking for for my recent comment, lol! Over in the o/GC thread "Do/did you sometimes doubt your gendercritical views? :/"

And then, I have smaller moments all the time that are just another dripdrip into the bucket of "I know this is bullshit". Like most recently, the double whammy of watching the Ellen Page interview with Oprah shortly followed by Eilish's interview & photos in Vogue. I KNOW girls are having a collectively awful fucking time growing up right now and what options they're being presented with and it felt like those two combined were like the epitome of the options that girls are being pressured into. Either give in and become a submissive fucktoy or 'reject' that, opt out of womanhood entirely and 'become a man'.

Is it just me or do both their eyes seem dead inside? Its like they're both actually torn up about what they're doing.

It's not just you, they both look miserable. I suppose Ellish is meant to look sultry and Page is meant to look stoic, but they both look like someone had to physically drag them in front of the cameras, and then threaten to hurt a puppy if they didn't go through with their photoshoots.

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Awww jeez I just realized that the reason why the "sultry" look exists and is favored by men as "sexy" is because it also resembles and camouflages the look of dissociation/depersonalization. Easier to pass off trauma as sexy than to stop traumatizing.

So depressing but true. Why does it seem like in the 60s and 70s there where actually MORE women that dared to be different? Weren't Stevie Nicks, Lita Ford and Joan Jett pretty unbashingly somewhat GNC?

As a GenXer, it’s fucking depressing what’s happening now. It’s like the neo-50s only exponentially worse. The misogyny is off the fucking rails in 2021. It’s ubiquitous internet + ubiquitous internet porn, I’m convinced. Porn is misogynist propaganda, and internet youth culture &social media is a misogynist sewer as well. Previous generations never had this onslaught of fucking garbage thrown at them. It’s hell on girls.

It has to be porn. I remember back in the early 90s Madonna was really contraversial, but she is extremely mild compared to what you see today, and she was an exception. Most female singers and actresses did not act like Madonna. Now it seems like the opposite, if you aren't acting in a way that would probably make Madonna blush, there is something wrong with you.

The disclaimer you don't see:

**The attempt to achieve these patriarchal standards will result in plastic surgery

This also mirrors the only 2 sexuality options young girls have. They can either be prudish, chaste asexuals or crazy porn s!uts willing to happily submit to every kink. There is no in-between

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