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I just think it's really inexcusable in today's society that woke people's argumentation skills are this bad, when even ancient Greeks already wrote better arguments in their books. I think this whole woke stuff is just a subset of a general decrease in common sense, connection to nature (hence disconnect from one's body), emotional/social intelligence, and logical reasoning (actual logical reasoning, not the stupid "manlogic" version of it that arrogant people like Ben Shapiro worship).

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  1. You did not discuss with me, thus showing you are excluding me from discussion about my own existence
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6 If you try to continue having your opinion you should kill yourself because you’ll make other people want to kill themselves.

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  1. Destroying your life for having sane beliefs and having you lose your job, because you’re able to bully entire companies

Step 6 whine about people calling you out on your sheer toxicity. it is totally ok to sick a twitter mob on someoneor dox them if they say something you don't like.

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