“Excluding trans people from yet another public space”

Um. Your order to stay away from playgrounds has nothing to do with you being trans, dude.

What an interesting person. I wonder if colonists felt that locals were exclusionary when their homes barred them from entry.

(Excluding colonizers is perfectly fine, excluding marginalized groups not so much—that’s the distinction, the nuance if you will, that people seem not to understand. Of course, who’s marginalized and who isn’t should become clear).

One thing these crossdressing men are not, is marginalised. Unfortunately.

I wish male transvestites were excluded from all public spaces. Given how many of them are paedophiles, how many are rapists, and that all of them are fetishists, they should be kept away from all women and children.

If there's no difference between males & females in athletics, than why bother having separate teams for boys & girls? I would respect these TRAs more if they just demanded to abolish sex segregation altogether rather than arguing that biology can change through the magic of gender feels. But we all know why they don't. Because this is ALL about validation and colonizing a female space (plus, mediocre male athletes wouldn't be able to cheat by wearing lipstick in a unisex league).

Also, FUCK THEM for saying "but sports is supposed to be about fun with your friends! Not winning!". Thats easy to say when THEY are the ones who will have the advantage! Winning DOES matter in sports!! Otherwise why bother setting up leagues, tournaments, scholarships, etc?. Not to mention having to compete for a spot on the team in the first place!

If there's no difference between males & females in athletics, than why bother having separate teams for boys & girls?

This is one of the questions asked to Veronica McKinnon and he called it transphobic. Ross Tucker (sports scientist) is right, he is trying to redefine human physiology.

Ross discusses McKinnon and his short circuit arguments in his podcast @44 minute mark


Not to mention that these male cheats are taking girls’ scholarships from them.

but sports is supposed to be about fun with your friends! Not winning!

This argument drives me bonkers. If sports really are just about friends, fun, and physical fitness, then why do trans athletes need to compete in serious races and tournaments? Why can't they just find a mixed-sex sports group on meetup.com like all the other people who play sports casually and recreationally?

Yeah, like...the Olympics are just a fun, international get-together for some sports enthusiasts. Nations never use them as proxies for political conflict, or to win prestige on a global scale.

"Excluding women who are transgender"

Fuck off and use real words instead of doublespeak, dick. This shit is literally arguing that "forcing men into women's spaces bemefits everyone". He just changes words. And wtf is this random bringing up of "children who want to play". You can't both speak of "women" and argue about testosterone levels and then bring up "children wanting to play". And even then, girls have a right to a space where boys are excluded. Period.

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Great example of the abuse of the word "transphobia", just beat it, beat it dead.

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I have seen variations of this ‘info graphic’ all over social media. A few things I’ve noticed them all to have in common:

1) claiming up and down backwards and sideways that professional sports has NOTHING to do with the concerns about trans women in sports, when truly it is the only concern. It’s notably gaslighting because it’s not hard to find professional or high school athletes complaining about unfair advantages, or about trans women who can’t even make a men’s record smashing women’s records. It was never about first grade soccer and still isn’t.

2) bizarre comparisons about taller than average women being the same as trans men. This equates women to stereotypes (petite, small, unintimidating, without physical power). It boils men down to stereotypes as well, and says height and biology are the same things when we know very well that they are not, synthetic hormones taken or not. I’ve shared this before but I am 6’4” and while I play well against other women, I am severely disadvantaged against a 6’4” man. Even a 6’4” man who is 10–20 years older than me would wipe the floor with me in any sport, and that is assuming we are equal in things like weight, fitness level, and experience. Same goes true of a 5’7” woman against a 5’7” man. Saying that tall women play sports and it’s the same advantage is an outright lie.

Tall women represent! I am 6'0" and proud of it, but I bow before your superior height.

(シ_ _ )シ

it also ignores the fact that men are, on average, much taller than women. Besides which, take a man and a woman that are the same height, let's say 5'4", and the man will still have numerous advantages over a woman who is the same height and weight as he is. A 6'4" dude? Depending on the sport no woman can compete with that type of physical advantage, but then again we already know that (and so do they).

What semiliterate intern produced this drivel? Content aside, this is a very poorly written infographic.

"It doesn't matter. This is about kids playing sports with their friends."

Who decided it doesn't matter? And enough with the emotional arguments "just let kids be kids" everyone knows that that's not what anybody is fighting.

Women aren't supposed to want to win. It's unbecoming.

Hormone blockers "prevent them from experiencing testosterone" ----- Inspires you to write your own, doesn't it?

Myth: Transgirls are male.

Fact: These males know they're female, so they're female. Duh!

Myth: The male body is stronger than the female body.

Fact: Somewhere there's a 200 pound female wrestler who could crush a 100 pound soy boy like a grape; therefore, all the women who've been raped by men are just lying because all women can fight off a man. He's totally not stronger.

Myth: Having transgirls in the locker room strips cisgirls of their privacy.

Fact: Cisgirls are irrelevant and only trans feelings count. If we let cisgirls have privileges, we're not treating people fairly. Checkmate, transphobes.

Yes. If women were a physical match for men, rape and domestic violence wouldn't be a "thing."

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I swear, all of this trans stuff is a pure demonstration of brain washing. What does it take to make people disbelieve one of the most foundational and observable facts in human life?

Apparently, not much more than some snide Vox articles, shitty infographics like this one, and a handful of glitter and confetti as a prize when they say the words.

Very much over the lie that "of bit hurts transgirls, it hurts all girls." No. No, it doesn't. It does not hurt boys to go play with the boys, and it does not hurt girls if boys - all boys - play with boys.

Annecdotal, but here goes: when I was pre-teen, around 10-12, ever y break our entire class (obviously of same age) would go play soccer. Ruined many good balls not made for it, too. Boys against girls. There was roughly double as many girls as boys in the class. Boys still beat us every break, over and over for three years. Once the A netball team invited 7 random boys to play against them. 7 boys who got called out for every mistake they made, which were many. They still beat the girls at their own game.

I hate the argument that at elite levels it doesn’t matter. I’d argue that it matters just as much. And in terms of the number of females affected, it matters even more.

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