Gave up a spot to a white man that was taken from a woman of color. Progress, huh? Just like what happened in Queens.

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How is Hubbard not shrivelling up with embarrassment? How could you cheat someone less than half your age out of their rightful place at the Olympics and not be mortified?

I've noticed quite a few people on social media saying, "I support trans rights, but this is just stupid." And they're being attacked for it by TRAs - which is guaranteed to peak them.

To be ashamed of this you need to have a conscience. This asshole is just an entitled grifter. He probably gets off on knowing that women are suffering from his actions.

I’ve noticed that same scenario playing out, too. Good. I hope more people see the manipulation, guilt tactics and strong-arming. Anyone looking at this who isn’t being steeped in woke politics 24/7 can see how ridiculous it is. I want them to see who they are actually hurting instead of more photos of that pathetic blob cheater

I think it’s probably too late to pull him from the Olympics. I can just imagine the peak transing that will happen when people see him hulking over the women.

If I were a betting woman I’d bet my last dime that he miraculously comes first at the Olympics despite being geriatric in relation to the real competitors.

There’s gonna be a tidal wave of backlash from him alone.

I've been wondering about this too. I would actually die of embarrassment before stealing a spot from a woman the way he has - I actually feel such strong secondhand embarrassment right now just imagining him doing it. Where's the shame, the honor, the dignity?

Some AGPs have humiliation fetishes, some are just sociopaths devoid of human empathy, some have both

Like they say, "Lord, grant me the confidence of a mediocre white man."

Wow... this pisses me off so much.. i hope she isnt giving up on the Sport.. if women start to "give up" more tims will come and claim our spaces..

A 21-year-old bright shining star, working so hard towards athletic greatness in her fleeting window of athletic prowess and skill, having an Olympic opportunity taken from her and given to a slovenly 43-year-old mediocre rich daddy’s boy.. in the name of progress.

To be anything but angry for her is ridiculous.

The fact that Nini is from Tonga, a very small Polynesian country not far from New Zealand is heartbreaking. Tongans usually move to NZ because there’s more money to be made there, otherwise they have a higher likelihood of not having a job or a proper life at all. It’s beyond enraging to me that this poor girl lost to a 43-yr old WHITE MALE to represent Oceania.

It's really heart breaking to watch her story. Why should she give her spot to some 40 something, dumpy man who would've been at home mowing the lawn ages ago if he was still competing against other men? Unbelievable. Disgusting.


I do hope she can sue...or something. Ppl go on and say how they would support indigenous and Polynesian people of color but when they actually need support, they turn a blind eye.

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I'm so upset for her. Her story with her sister, training and working together was so lovely to watch. She could have been the first woman to represent Tonga in Olympic weightlifting., at 21! Inspiring women and girls in her home country and across the globe. But no. In clown world we have to watch an ugly middle aged white man, who inspires nobody, cheat in global competition. And we can't even call it for what it is.

Fair Play for Women pointed out that if anything makes it obvious how unfair this is, it's that a male in his 40s who broke his arm recently could "win" a spot over young female athletes at the peak of their athletic fitness. It's incredibly fucked up and wrong.

Or women and TIMs both will eventually abandon sports. The only reason TIMs want in is because it's space reserved for women. They bail once they run all the women out. See the demise of roller derby.

Oh? Is this anecdotal, can you link to an article about the demise of roller derby?

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I remember it being discussed on the old r/GC. Don't have an article on hand, sorry.

Edit: here's an article that isn't particularly well written, but talks about the huge drop off in the number of teams in recent years.


There is plenty out there about invasion of roller derby by TIMs starting in 2012-ish, maybe earlier. So in about 10 years, they killed the sport by ruining it for women.

My heart goes out to her. It must be so frustrating and she can’t say anything about it or she will get death threats and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Even though Laurel Hubbard will peak so many people by going to Tokyo poor Nini is paying the price.

I wonder how much prize money she would have gotten?! I would love to see that amount raised and then gifted to to her in an award ceremony held for her by the GC community...

I love this idea! I'm feeling so hopeless about all this. What can we do?!?!

I wonder who her management and representation is. They should be contacted so we can get the money to her. I wonder if we should wait until the day Laurel actually competes in the olympics to actually make it more symbolic and meaningful, because it would / should have been her up there.

I'm too lazy to make the kickstarter but I would definitely participate.

It’s not just about the Olympic medal she would have won. There’s the financial loss of the sponsorships and career opportunities in sports she might have had after a successful Olympic win.

He competed for 13 years as a man. Guess if you're not good enough to compete within your own sex, you just switch to get some medals.

Apparently he WAS good, which makes this even more unfair. He was a force to be reckoned with then. He's impossible to beat now.

Not that good. Couldn’t find any record of his athletic performance before 2017 (in the women’s competitions) except some national junior record in 1998. Did not seem to have participated in any international competition before transitioning.

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The dude still has his dick too right? He's some old rich guy taking spots from young women. This is such a fucking joke. I feel so bad for the women like Nina, at the same time seeing the backlash over the world as this news is getting published is delightful. There is a sea of "wtf" and a smattering of "but but but trans rights!"

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That's Mr Hubbard - I’m getting really tired of the (deliberate) confusion caused by men using women’s names

And I really liked the name Laurel before I came to know about him. Now I think of him whenever I see/hear it.

So ironic that that's the name he chose for himself, too.

Laurel: an evergreen shrub or tree (Laurus nobilis of the family Lauraceae, the laurel family) of southern Europe with small yellow flowers, fruits that are ovoid blackish berries, and evergreen foliage once used by the ancient Greeks to crown victors in the Pythian games

You're no winner, you're a lowdown cheat.

Oh no! We’re gonna need some reverse hypnosis so we can go back to liking all these names again 😂

In most interviews with Jordan Peterson, he comes across as clueless and unempathetic to women. But in one of them, I think with Joe Rogan? he said was just astonished at how these trans athletes not only didn't have any shame, but has a sense of accomplishment. Even Cyclepath said "I put in the WORK!" When your identity is your shining achievement, I guess that's how you'd see the world. No ethics, no sense of fairness, no empathy for anyone else.

white man displaces woman of colour, and we call this progress... what a pile of bull

I've publicly peaked in Twitter over this. I'm raging about it.

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