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Isn't house "work" one of these little things that women love to do, like dancing, knitting or gossiping?

Right, it's not work until they have to do it. Us women simply enjoy doing it!

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I’m glad you said that. Because, you know, if you don’t enjoy house chores, you’d need to identify as NB.

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It's the 3 "Cs" of our favorite hobbies: cooking, cleaning and childcare!!!

It is an ultimate honor to do these things /s

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I don’t know why I read your comment and thought about this thing that happened ages ago, at uni, when this pre-manbun-era dude said “Every woman is super jealous of her man”. I said I’m not particularly jealous of anyone, as feeling entitled to affection would be incompatible with the affection you’re trying to have from this person, and love is a daily choice that gets (or doesn’t get) renewed rather than a written-in-stone promise or vow you made back in the day, and he replied, “come on now, if you say you don’t get jealous you’re denying your femininity”.

Forgot that “jealousy” is also femininity performing and a woman’s hobby.

I have a gold ribbon at Breakdance Knitting and I also threw mad shade at Becky the whole time about her ex, so I'd say that's 100% fact, just like it's a fact that biology is a human construct.

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They will when they're unemployed and parasiting off a working woman. Then suddenly his labor (doing the dishes once a week, ordering take out) is equally as important as that of his partner and he thinks he ought to get rewarded for doing it poorly!

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You must have met my ex boyfriend.

Edit: basically he'd want a blow job and a gold star for putting his dishes in the dishwasher. Not even all the dishes, just the ones he used.

That’s not sex work, it’s gender work. Oh, wait.

Try getting a tra to have a coherent, consistent definition of sex & gender

Bonus if their definition of gender isn't offensive sexist stereotypes

Cash money prizes. I'll do the fucking hula. Never happen


Fucking ❤️ this song and the video. My husband likes to flip it on when he's cleaning.

Fortunately he sees house work as work and always has... it's one of the big reasons that we've made it 26 years so far.

But he is aware that he is part of the minority in regards to doing his part and understanding housework is work and I couldn't be more aware that he's part of the minority. 🤣

Sorry to inject humor into this thread but sometimes I feel like it's necessary.

I can't even with the 'sex work is work' stuff I just can't.

Omg I had never heard that song and I’m seriously adding it to my Spotify playlist. You’re right about the video too, that’s a cool music video I love it. Thank you for sharing it haha

They feel they are entitled to take our prime career-building years for unpaid domestic servitude and if they decide to leave us later on, its goodbye youre on your own!

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They consider both to be women’s work, and ideally doing all of it for free.

I'm pissed at men who repeat this shit under the guise of progressiveness, but I'm also not surprised that they don't give a shit beyond what makes their dicks happy. When liberal feminists start defending prostitution because they want to earn a couple of bucks with OnlyFans or whatever is when I actually feel betrayed. You'd sell out your fellow women because you think it's all easy money?

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