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Best interpretation I saw when the recent wedge flag came out was that it's trans people using POC as a shield as they trample all over the rest of the rainbow.

And everytime they add more crap to the flag it gets uglier and uglier. Another visual metaphor, imo.

The original flag was nice. Not a great work of art, but a nice flag. Now, it's just plain ugly.

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Yes! That “Progress” flag is so fucking ugly. I’m offended at anyone saying it represents or “includes” me.

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Comedians like Demetri Martin used to do these half-assed jokes about how people can't just show their love of rainbows anymore without someone assuming they're gay. I'm guessing there won't be anyone upset about not being able to show their love of a rainbow half-obscured with an awkwardly placed wedge of white, pink, blue, brown, and black.

It's all so embarrassingly literal as well.

They took a symbolic flag which was chosen to represent everyone, then added black and brown stripes for black and brown people, followed by blue for people who think they're men and pink for people who think they're women.

I was half expecting “ ... of his struggle against reality” to follow that title.

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The big WHITE triangle remains unexplained. It implies that white trans people uplift black and brown people, which is just insulting. But it wouldn't help to switch the colors. "Black and brown people" never had the same fight as LGB people, let alone T. Just because both have faced discrimination doesn't mean they face it in the same way. I won't get into the ways I find this thing to be white cluelessness.

As for LGB people, I feel so bad that they've been robbed this way. They shouldn't have to sacrifice their own rights movement to another that did no work for it.

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The trans flag is blue, pink and white. I assumed the white is for nonbinary but I looked it up to check:

The stripe in the middle is white, for those who are intersex, transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender. (source)

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And they somehow uplift the entire LGBTQ community AND the black and brown community?