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The boutique pronouns are so fucking stupid. Eh/em. Are we just muttering guttural sounds now?

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Has everyone gone mad just to appease the tiniest fraction of the worlds population?

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Honestly it's always been like that.

For hundreds (thousands?) of years it's been a tiny fraction of eccentric rich people calling the shots and making our lives a confusing, messy, exhausting, meaningless hellhole.

Not the best or most exact analogy, but... for example the only reason (in the US) we have the 40+ hour 9-5 Mon-Fri workweek is because of the tiny handful of rich people who treat us like walking factories and demand "productivity". We all know it's pure fucking nonsense and that many jobs and tasks don't require you to stand in a factory line 9 hours a day—the tasks themselves can be completed quickly and efficiently. Don't even get me started on seriously nonsensical jobs like retail and service (I know people need to eat, but I'm being abstract here), where you literally stand around waiting to work (It didn't escape my notice that I was being paid min wage to waste hours of my life I can't get back standing around waiting for rude people).

But we work the long hours anyway because the rich people threaten to close down the factories/companies if we don't. They threaten to move their assets elsewhere, leaving us jobless and starving (I don't think that would happen, people would adapt and cope, their threats are empty and desperately need to be called out). They want to keep us exhausted at all times so we don't realize how pointless a work week like that is, that our lives don't improve by pushing ourselves to our physical and mental limits 40+ hours a week.

Only the tiny handful of eccentric rich people benefit financially and socially from us having a work culture like this, but we all do it anyway. It feels like madness, a madness so deep and calcified into our culture that it requires something like a worldwide pandemic to shake people awake.

Anyway, it's not a perfect analogy—just wanted to point out that we do this all the time, throughout human history. We're afraid of the unpredictable violence and unintended consequences from fringe crazies, especially fringe crazies with enormous wealth and power (oh hi Trans Lobby)

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China's foot binding started due to a man having a small-foot fetish. A thousand years of mutilating young girls because one rich dick got off on it.

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Too bad they didn’t have a fill in the blank area for pronouns. I could think of a few choice ones.

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I recommend that anyone who still has an account there send them a strongly worded message calling out the transphobia of their limited pronoun list. Explain that you are highly offended by the literal violence they have committed in not giving you an option to identify yourself by your own unique pronouns, whatever they are, and also by allowing users to only choose two sets of pronouns, as if there are not many folx whose gender is so expansive that it can not be expressed by a limited number of pronouns. Make sure your unique pronouns sound like the could be real (unlike f*ck/you, omg/lmao.) You can share your messages here and report back on any responses you receive.

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This begs the question of why, given what appears to be complete freedom to make words up and insist people call you them, more people don't take this route.

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I deleted my pinterest account months ago because of their woke bs.

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Don't talk about me to other people, Pinterest. I'd rather you didn't talk to me, but I know you can't help yourself.

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In which scenario would pinter est users refer to me in third person?

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