Facts. And they don't fear for their safety from misandrists the way we do from misogynists.

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“Whaaaah but what about when a man gets turned down by a woman WHAAAH”

When women hate men: avoid them as best as possible, criticize their behavior (often only in women's groups where they feel safe to express their feelings).

When men hate women: send them death threats, publicly doxx and shame them, fire them, rape them and murder them.

MRAs: miSaNdrY iS oN tHe RisE

Exactly. Also love this saying: "Men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them."

Yeah, I may hate men but I don't fantasize about raping them to death.

Isn’t that one of the sickest things about them? Getting off on someone and hating them at the same time? Men I don’t respect or like physically repulse me. Plenty of men who are awful sexists still actively seek sex and are even attracted to the women they hate the most. One of my old high school friends said her bf made racist comments anout black girls and it made her upset and she was considering breaking up with him and one day caught him watching porn…of black girls….

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Hate is an intrinsic part of their sexuality. What does it say about them that they think a woman having sex with them is degrading herself? They're ADMITTING that they know they're worse than her and trying to drag her down with them by association. How twisted to think that if someone is intimate with them that she deserves to be put down and humiliated.

I know! Women want to get away from men they don't like. There's a disturbing number of men who want to humiliate and destroy people they don't like.

Key words here being "average man", I assure you they don't need to be extreme radicalized incels. The regular everyday Joe absolutely hates you on a visceral level. It's in their nature and people need to stop pretending it's not.

Women merely adopted the hatred of the opposite sex; men were born in it, molded by it. (Apologies to Batman film fans.)

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So true. I don't actually hate men by default. I hate the thousands of fucked up ways they treat us.