It's being a homosexual itself that's not inclusive and that absolutely chaps the asscheeks of TQ

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 13 points

I think it's that without the LGB, they have no legitimacy. They're parasites.

That's a big part of it. There's also the connection to their oppressed status, their "in group", "the community", they lose access to gays and lesbians to validate their very real assimilation into the opposite sex, access to vulnerable people they can groom for sex, young people in particular they can groom for sex and to praise and validate their narcissism... LGB is an absolute treasure trove for TQ

[–] crodish [OP] fujoshit 13 points

Cannot even begin to describe how sick I am of seeing "LGB Alliance is a hate group!!" just because the T is not included.

Animal lovers don't hate dogs because they choose to own a cat.

A bird sanctuary established for endangered species of toucans doesn't hate pigeons.

And at this point, seeing as how much MASSIVE SUPPORT the T has right now, over the simple act of a man wearing a cap and a shirt with dangerous scary words, they don't need our backing.

Call us back when trans-friendly shelters start having dead opossums nailed to their doors.

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I remember reading an article about the usage of the words "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender" by each of the major "LGBT" orgs, and Trans was about 80% of the total, Lesbian almost 0.

[–] crodish [OP] fujoshit 5 points

I remember that too! I can't recall the source now and I wish I could.

[–] Gini 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 2 points

Wasn't it in a stonewall yearly report or something like that

by their logic, any trans group that doesn't explicitly include the LGB as well is guilty of the same hate crime. After all, I thought LGBT+ is only allowed together or not at all?

Animal lovers don't hate dogs because they choose to own a cat.

Animal lovers don't hate plants because they're running an animal rescue shelter.

The only hate group in all of this is the T. They’re no different in that from any other MRAs, incels and feMRAs.

Do you mean to tell me there are no organizations out there exclusively dedicated to helping trans people and there never will be because by your logic they'd amount to hate groups?


[–] yikesforever 5 points Edited

What if I told you, it's because the T acts like a narcissistic reality denying butt wipe so the LGB doesn't want them around.