I love it. Been predicting this forever. This is how the stupid euphemism treadmill trundles on.

You see it on dating sites too, "cis women only" "AFAB only" and the trans community flips a damn lid, because they know damn well these are their terms, so they won't quibble with you over the meaning of said terms.

That's the genius of using your opponent's language to make your own arguments. And it's glorious.

The funny thing is: They will continue to steal our words, yet they still have to come up with words that can differenciate between the sexes, because they want to be able to complain about our privilege.

I always have said (even when I were a tra) that we will need words for the two sexes, for medical and biology lessons. Thing is when you change the definition of woman to include males you will need a new word for the original meaning of woman. So give it a few years and the TRA’s will scream and whine about AFAB needing to include trans women the same they have been doing now about the word woman. Nothing permanent will be achieved with trans ideology :p it’s a constant activism battle…

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I've always wondered when they would realize that labeling everything for women "afab" is actually "transphobic". Like that post last week about how women's blouses have to be referred to as blouses made for "afab" people (so TIFs have to wear women's blouses and TIMs can't??). In their attempt to eradicate "transphobia", they have somehow managed to turn things meant to combat "transphobia" "transphobic". Honestly the whole ideology is such a mess lmao, they desperately need to hold some meetings or something to get their facts straight.

Honestly the whole ideology is such a mess lmao, they desperately need to hold some meetings or something to get their facts straight.

This aspect more than anything reminds me of flat earthers. Some of them believe in the giant ice wall, some of them believe the other planets are projections, some of them believe the other planets are real and round, some believe they are round but also flat, some believe the sun is a projection, some believe the sun is real, and just much smaller and closer, some believe in weather control, others do not… and so on. They can come debate us 'oblate spheroid earthers' when they come up with a consistent theory of planet flatness. Until then, they just seem like a bunch of headless chickens. Same exact things apply to TRAs and the gender religion. Come up with a consistent canon and rules, then present your religion to the masses when your done. These fools are trying to get people to join their religion while changing the rules every damn day (of course, the truth is that it's escalating extremism that's causing the rules to change on a daily hourly basis, and the fact that it's all so confusing to on-lookers is something TRAs happily take advantage of).

Do they know that blouses made for amab people are called shirts? A blouse is a women's garment, dicks.

'we need new categories to recognise trans people and the disconnect between gender and sex'

'Ok, so you still have a word for female sex so we can separate our spaces appropriately?'

'no not like that!!'

Notice they were trying to access an area with young girls in various states of undress.

Love that comment below, they always assume that language imposition could work as a spell, something like 'Afab Kedavra' or 'PetrifiCis Totalus'!

We know the proper terms because they made us proper terves!

I had to leave that comment in, chef’s kiss 🤌

You can keep bastardizing the word woman and girl and we will keep organizing ourselves into groups and facilities based on being female. Seethe about it.

They call themselves female, now, too. I think we have to organize around XX.


That won't work, I'm afraid. They always say something like "I haven't had a chromosone test so I don't know what they are", and a large number of them spuriously claim to be intersex.

AFAB works for me. That's the only term now that now matches exactly with what female/girl/woman used to refer to.

I mean, they can say that? But DNA doesn’t lie. Neither do their jawlines. Don’t stop using a correct word, point out that they are using it incorrectly and move on back to reality

They've invaded the XX sub. Whatever we back into they'll try to take next.

I want to buy these young ladies some tacos or cookies or whatever they want.

Right? I hope they're having a great day. I had a baby girl who died a few months ago so I feel very protective over girls and young women, I worry about them constantly.

Oh...much, much love to you. I am so so sorry. Motherlove prayers to you.

hugs Ovarit sends you our collective thoughts and mother earth prayers.

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I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine how that must be. Sending you virtual love 💕 Edited to add, and our protectiveness of girls is a gift we give them. Just know you aren’t alone in that, we shoulder that burden with you.

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Raging and seething that he can't walk in and watch them change

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Literally shaking

17 year old TIF “gay man” who posts on antiwork and suicidewatch, has a history of assault at the hands of men…. gang’s all here

Good thing a surgeon will be there to offer her a double mastectomy soon. Progress.

Where is the problem? What do they have against AFAB only spaces?

If a woman takes off her clothes in the forest and there is no man around to get a boner from it, is she even naked?

I don't know if she is still naked, but she definitely isn't valid.

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