God, it's just so stark.

Male: relaxed, powerful, clothed, manspreading, smirking, crotch is centred but attention is drawn to the face

Female: on display, vulnerable, barely covered, taking as little space as possible, uncomfortable looking expression, chest is centred but attention is drawn to the crotch

And that's just the photos. When you add in the actual content of these articles...

Male: his professional accomplishments Female: her body

Thanks for unpacking this, there's so much wrong with it that it was just too distressing for me to break it down. Another important distinction though is that the focus is on professional accomplishments for the ejaculator vs appearance and identity for the woman.

The Highest-Paid Female CEO in America Used to Be is a Man

Of course it is.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 94 points

They’re going to use trans stats to tell us there’s no longer a wage gap.

It's interesting, gendervangelicals swore up and down that their ideology is the only path to women's liberation - that only through the obfuscation of sex will sex-based oppression cease to exist, and if we were 'real' feminists we would get down on our knees and praise them for their wisdom and generosity. Looks like they had nothing to worry about though.

Why do they INSIST on using "female" to refer to males?!?! This drives me crazy. These people spent about 2 years trying to convince us all that "man" and "woman" are gender/social terms, and therefore can be used to refer to anyone, but "male" and "female" are for bio sex only. Why are they now encroaching on the word "female"?

Also, it's so interesting how she is still so unmistakably female, despite all the intentional damage she did to her body.

Some Twitter commenter the other day remarked something like "there will always be a need for a word to designate those who were born female. If you obfuscate "woman", it'll be something else ; now I know you'll then try to steal that too."

He was really right. What they want is whatever word we use to describe ourselves. Every time we come up with something else they'll lay claim to it. That's why we have to keep saying no to "woman". No, it's not lost.

[–] SakuraBlossoms she/TWAM 13 points

First women, then females, then menstruators. When it got to the point of calling us menstruators, up pops all the TIMs claiming they have periods!

because its a movement centred on erasing women ... by separating sex and gender TW are still seen as separate from women ... by claiming to be female, they can encroach totally and fully on us ... I think that separating sex and gender was just a move to get everyone on board ... but then I feel like maybe my tinfoil hat has come out

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 33 points

Get me a hat too because I 100% agree with you.

It’s the frog in the slowly boiling pot.

At this point I'm buying my tinfoil at Costco, I'm going through way too much.

but then I feel like maybe my tinfoil hat has come out

It's the gaslighting. It's so Emperor's New Clothes. "Only a tinfoil hat wouldn't see that TWAW are female" -- we don't need tinfoil hats. We need gas masks! (or electric lighting!)

No men are female. Fact. WHO reads the New York magazine anyway?

There needs to be a well-circulated list of who advertises in there, the way PETA make those foldout pocket guides to who tests on animals.

[–] SakuraBlossoms she/TWAM 7 points Edited

It's just entitled men trying to take over womanhood in any way other entitled men will allow them to. Somehow they got people to go along with "obviously there are two different sexes, but 'woman' means anything a man claims it does so I am therefore a woman." Okay, sure. And if that was the end of it, even though it's extremely sexist, if I had to I'd settle for calling it the female restroom, female sports team, female prison, etc. But suddenly even leaving room for the reality of sex wasn't good enough for men. Female was too easy of a workaround; since woman now means nothing and anyone can be any gender, there's no point in offering protections to "women," and any sex-based protections can easily just be transferred to "females" to preserve their original intention. Any boundaries are too many boundaries for narcissistic TIMs who want to creep on women, so they now go for female too even though by their own definition they are not and never can be female.

It's not tinfoil at all, they went for anything they could get people on board with and then once that is accepted keep pushing for more. Ofc it wasn't enough to redefine women so they can be accepted as women, they need to also be accepted as the female sex. Their goal from the start was to allow any perverted fantasy a man had to be seen as 100% unquestionable reality.

Honestly, you are so right! There is no other valid explanation. It's extremely sinister how they did this gradually.

This duplicity has been going on for years. It absolutely is a tenet of the trans cult that "trans women are female", and they advocate for legal mandates that enforce it. The "nobody is conflating sex and gender" talking point is only used to proselytize, and to make their true beliefs seem less nutty.

[–] SakuraBlossoms she/TWAM 19 points Edited

The trans movement summed up in one image. Oppression of women cannot be identified into or out of.

I can't imagine either of these not peaking people severely. You'd have to be braindead to see either just by itself and not have some kind of pause.

Someone needs to tell that poor woman that she's been confusing a certain Mary Shelley book with reality. Human organs cannot be constructed out of random tissues. That piece of flesh she replaced her functioning female anatomy with is not a penis. The random tissues they made into the shape of a third hand for someone equally mentally ill is not actually a hand.

Also, I cannot stress enough the absolute horror of advocating for phalloplasty. I've made the mistake of looking it up and it's one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. And to say that it's not just some bizarro extreme fetishist surgery but something women may actually need to "be myself"?????? The headlines really show the contrast. For the man/TIM, he's defined by his job, being a CEO, and other aspects of personality as the small text suggests. For the woman/TIF, who she is is defined by her physical appearance. She "needed one to be [herself]" because a woman is just how she looks physically. Same with the Ellen Page cover, "I am fully who I am." Because as a woman, who she is is just her appearance, so by changing her body she is now her true self. More proof that even the biggest advocates ofc have never seen trans men as men.

See also headlines about TIMS and TIFS. TIMS: CEO’s, movie directors, actors, authors, activists. TIFS: breastfeeding, giving birth

Except when the TIMs want to breastfeed.

They don't usually publicize those. We have to call them out. It's gross enough to peak just about anyone. Especially when there are photos involved of the child abuse or child abuser.

Cringing at the scar on her leg from the phalloplasty. So sad.

[+] [Deleted] 19 points
[–] Mobymaybe 21 points Edited

I googled phalloplasty results. It literally looks like a meat tube that is swollen. Like a hotdog thats been microwaved. So draconian and just insane to do that to yourself.

Yeah you have to be pretty mentally ill to do that to yourself. I know doctors downplay the problems but don't these women google what they're about to do to themselves?

Looking at GRS pictures makes me feel ill. I’m not shy about looking at naked bodies but looking at the butchered body parts is so disturbing.

I will never get used to seeing those awful things. What a disfiguring procedure.

It really is shocking to look at. I can't believe medical doctors do this to people they acknowledged as mentally ill not even 10 years ago. They know exactly what they're doing.

Her arms are so extremely feminine, they look like the arms on women in 'how to draw women' guides. I have never seen such feminine arms. I'm almost wondering if someone missed the memo and photoshopped them to look more feminine.

I admit I've never actually seen seen a phalloplasty graft scar. My god. On top of her breasts being removed and her urethra unnecessarily subject to fistulas and strictures*, her entire thigh is horrifically disfigured. How could a mentally healthy person go through with this? How is it possible for anyone to believe that this is what anyone needs to be "healthy"? We'd never send a teenager who contemplates self-harm to have a doctor cut them and call it therapy.

[–] Julie92845 12 points Edited

Plus, it doesn't look real at all. If I was going to transition for some weird reason I'd just try to grow my clit some. It would be small and mostly nonfunctional but at least it could look like a micropenis.

[–] SakuraBlossoms she/TWAM 8 points

Lmao why did they take it from the front of her leg? I thought they are supposed to take it from somewhere usually unseen like the back of the leg at least. And I never saw the graft before either--I didn't know it'd be so huge. Yikes!!! Her body should be like a "scared straight" for kids pushed into being trans-contemplating.

That's a good question, but since they do take several layers of tissue, including the subQ fat, it's possible that the location is chosen based on where there is naturally more fatty tissue. The back of the thigh may be more muscle than fat. Just my guess, I don't know for sure.

If they took it from the back of her leg she probably wouldn't ever be able to sit comfortably again :/

I'm going to keep saying it: all this shit looks like something David Cronenberg thought up.

[–] femlez34 23 points Edited

I miss the old days where TRA's and leftists acknowledged that there is a difference between sex and whatever "gender identity" supposedly is. Calling a trans woman a female is an oxymoron! What is the "transition" if you're supposedly already a female? The only way that sentence would make sense is if this person was a female detransitioner (lived socially as a trans man for a while and now has gone back to telling people they are a woman).

Female is a biological term, the definition doesn't change based on your personal ideology or religious beliefs. Unless there is a new treatment I haven't heard of that allows this person's body to produce eggs, they are not a female, they are a male who got cosmetic surgery and takes cross sex hormones.

I swear it's like putting on the sunglasses from They Live. When you know TWAM and TMAW you see through the bullshit to the consistent messages beneath,

I didn't realize at first that its the same exact magazine. Come on.

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