Correct. I've been holding the line since 1980 despite the ridicule and disdain of younger women who think they know better. They don't.

I've been involved in the trans debate since 2015. A lot of the other women my age who were fighting for women's sex based rights have disappeared. I am close to leaving myself. It seems like it was all for nothing. Most of the time we were shouted down and derided by younger women. At some point you get tired of that shit. I don't want to hear how things are by someone who just discovered radical feminism after being a libfem or even a TRA for years. They have no clue and don't even know what they don't know, yet they're arrogant enough to act like an authority on the subject.

I'm a young woman and while you have every right to leave if you are fed up, tired, or feel your energy is better spent elsewhere, I would just like to say: I don't want older women like you to leave us. I desperately want women to be homosocial across generations, we need this. Men divide older women from young women on purpose by brainwashing us from birth to fear growing old and to hate old women. This is a divide and conquer tactic and it' sadly effective, but I don't want to let them win. I value what older women have to say so much, I just want you (and anyone else reading this) to know that.

I would do anything for a panel of older women to do a podcast or YouTube video. The older women on this site are a lifeline. Please put us in our place if you see us going in the wrong direction. I want us to be ready to guide the next generation of young women just as you have for us.

I appreciate that, but at the end of the day it's up to younger women to realize that. We have been here fighting for your rights for decades. These things don't even matter that much to me personally. I don't have children and I'm past menopause. I'm not involved in competitive sports. We fought for you. Now it's on you to listen to what we say, value our experience and sorry, but stop being assholes and telling us we're old and out of touch. You will be where I am before you know it. Everyone is aging all the time.

Yeah, I know I'm aging. I'm not far off 30... and for what it's worth, I don't think older women are out of touch. I think of them as in touch with aspects of a bygone era that we should all learn from. You by virtue of living through things I didn't because I was too young or not yet living, are in touch with things I can never be in-touch with, at least not the way you are. Reading history is no substitute for living it, especially where women's history is concerned, so it's so little documented.

There are two women on this site who sometimes comment about what lesbianism was like in the 70s, and while I've read books about it, hearing about this in real time from women actually talking to me makes me want to lap-up every bit of what they have to say. Same goes for when discussion of spirituality come up. I live in a city that apparently (I learned from older women on this site) used to have an active Dianic Wicca grove in the 90s (I would've been too young to know anything about this, sadly), but it is disbanded since then and one or more of the women running it are sadly no longer with us. I feel so sad I missed that, but I was grateful that women on here, who lived that, were able to tell me about it. There are no heritage plaques about goddess-worship in my city, after all (but they do have "queer history" plaques, ugh... at least they aren't even made of metal, haha).

Anyway, I do my level best to discourage young people from dissing older women, it doesn't come in conversation so much during the pandemic but I have left multiple comments talking about the "divide and conquer" tactic men use on this and other websites, and have gotten positive feedback (granted, probably from people already likely to agree with me, but still). I can't change everyone's mind, but I do my best. I read FDS sometimes (I don't post there), and I've seen young women there catch on to the whole "men don't want u stop learn from older women for a reason" thing, so I think some of us are definitely figuring it out. If I could snap my finger and make all young women listen to older women, I would. Oh how I wish it were that easy!

Yes. I agree with this. Ever since I was very young I always enjoyed talking to older women, and even the ones who weren't involved in feminism at all or barely knew what it was about, always taught me something. Many of us who didn't have a strong female figure in life need older, more experienced women.

I feel like I grew up a lot after I found the GC sub back in October 2019. It's been a journey lol

[โ€“] crodish fujoshit 23 points

I found some of the "baby GC" comments I had made on the old subreddit and just wow, jesus christ, some of the takes I had lmao. When I still couldn't understand "female" and "woman" were not interchangeable because it somehow never crossed my mind we had "female cats" and not "woman cats". Thinking that gender dysphoria was an acceptable passport to allowing self ID. And I still have a long way to go lol

thank you mods

[โ€“] hypatia tired of it all 23 points

Seriously. SO MUCH of the trans stuff (online, anyway) was teenagers' way of trying to assert themselves. Truly the emo/goth phase of the recent era.

Its funny to watch kids growing up online. Kind of weird. It really hits home to me that our culture needs to do better by them and give them better walled gardens to play in, away from pornography and creepers.

I am so very thankful I was a kid before all this gender nonsense took hold.

[โ€“] [Deleted] 17 points Edited

Spot on. I'm not entirely sure I ever wound up in a movement that claimed to be a feminist one, but still talked about women like we're useless if we're not under 40 or physically attractive. Youth, I guess. I was a feminist, but only so much as men allowed me to be one.

I see TRAs call JK Rowling (who actually is conventionally attractive, but that's beside the point) an old hag, or liberal feminists mocking anti-porn activists by saying they're jealous no one will pay to see them have sex and am genuinely flabbergasted they don't realize that they too will one day age or have a wrong opinion. How do you not realize these people aren't your friends?

As I was coming out of liberal feminism I remember seeing a fat acceptance blog hounded by a "lesbian" transwoman who left them a "Fat women like you are just as bad as TERFS." comment and the owner of the blog wrote an entire frantic essay trying to figure out what she'd done wrong to be as evil as a TERF. He told you girl. You're fat and he doesn't think you're hot. He's a man. Your value to him is as a f*ck object and you don't stack up, so you're useless.

Too many of us are ignoring exactly what we're being told by liberal men and TRAs because we don't want to be hairy, feminist, spinsters. Letting go of that fear is so powerful once you accept it.

Liberal men are just as bad as conservative men. They just hide their misogyny better.

Honestly, I don't even think they're good at hiding it. They never had anything to say about womens rights or feminism until sEx wOrK iS wOrK happened and that's all they ever talk about in regards to "feminism". They're misogyny isn't exactly hidden, either.

Damn if it is true. When I was a young adult I thought they were "nazifeminists" therefore evil. Now I understand that they were the only feminists with a moral integrity...

Is this on Tiktok? I'm shocked it's gotten so many likes if so ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Thereโ€™s a lot of radfems on TikTok.

[โ€“] [Deleted] 8 points Edited

But many more libfems

Well, libfems/handmaidens/"egalitarians" out-number radfems in the population in general, but it's still heartening to see radfeminism get a resurgence.

[โ€“] BlackCirce [OP] ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ– 11 points

Yes itโ€™s from a tiktok about PORN not trans

Nice. Porn underlies the whole trans thing anyway. If we can wake people up about that, I think the rest might follow.

This is so accurate. Iโ€™ve always been mature for my age but it really wasnโ€™t until I neared my thirties that I matured even more and realized I had it all wrong. Iโ€™m glad that happened.

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