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I'm planning to go ALL IN on "ejaculating people" in conversation. We'll see how long the enthusiasm for that kind of language lasts. I want the penis people to know that if they want to erase women with "gestators" and "menstruators" and "pregnant people," they'll need to be prepared to have their penises, testicles, and prostates referenced in every single conversation. Penis people who have had their penises removed will be referred to as "formerly bepenised people."

When I call men prostrate havers and ejaculators, my trans right activist friend (who constantly calls women vagina havers, people with cervixes etc) says I'm just being 'mean' to 'make a point'. She hates it, so I keep doing it.

being "mean"??????????????? my god, they are all such self-aware wolves.

It's incredible, she KNOWS not that deep down that calling human beings ejaculators or penis owners is degrading, but she is fine with calling women similar names because I honestly think she doesn't see it as the same kind of affront to their dignity. I think she associates women so strongly with bodily functions, and their role to be kind and effacing to everyone else, that it's right and proper for women to be called vagina owners but cruel to call men prostate possessors.She also gets cross when I call TIMS ejaculators because apparently I'm only doing it to 'make a point'. The reality is she is perfectly content with TIMS and men being called 'women' and 'men', but women being reduced to our body parts.

Omg ew. I hate being called a vagina haver like why boil down my existence to my genitals?

And what point would that be? That it's dehumanizing? Hmm...

I personally like "inseminator" or "inseminating parent".

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I prefer the more colloquial "jizzers", myself.

A guy I lived with at uni used to call the TV remote the jizzer. He stopped pretty quickly once we explained to him what the alternative meaning was.

They still have their penis, it's turned inside out, so they're still penis people.

Ahem, the politically correct term is "people of penis" ("person of penis" if singular). Thank you very much.

Inverted penis people for srs TiMs :) it’s still a penis, just turned inside out.

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Prostate havers can dish it out but they can’t take it.

Reminds me of how one definition of homophobia is men ‘being terrified that gay men will treat and view them as straight men treat women’.

Males being unable to handle the way they treat women and demanding to be treated better by the very women they shit on? I don't believe most of the shit that's posted on Reddit but this, this is no doubt 100% true.

I bet that didn't have a long shelf life because the mods ejaculating people saw red. Gotta 'shock and awe' these bastards down, ladies.

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They don't even get basic english grammar.
"Birthing people" is present progressive. That means, if you are not currently in progress of actually giving birth, you are not a "birthing person" you can be as pregnant as you want, if you are not actually giving birth at the respective moment, you're not birthing.

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Cannot stop laughing. This tool is defending calling women "birthing people" because "Not all people who give birth are women" and then goes on to say this---> https://imgur.com/a/sIL5mtN

Woman's egg? So transphobic. There are men that have eggs

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That’s bizarre. But women do also provide DNA. Idk what to make of it

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He doesn't think sex is binary, but then says a man and a woman contribute DNA to make a child, thus, proving the binary AND using the "bigoted" man/woman terms he said we shouldn't use. lol

Reminds me of men who call women "female" but always call men simply men. When you call them males or anything else than "man" they get upset.

That's why I've taken to almost exclusively using "males". It unequivocally includes Tims and it pisses men off. I mostly say women but sometimes there's reason to be explicit that I'm taking about sex-class related issues so I'll say female, as I see other women do. It never feels like the way incels or misogynists use it when women use it, so it doesn't bother me when we do it.

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Penis havers, Penis hadders, Penis never hadders

Testicle havers, Testicle hadders, Testicle never hadders

Uterus havers, Uterus hadders, Uterus never hadders

Menstruation havers, Menstruation not yet havers, Menstruation hadders, Menstruation never hadders


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