Well, it would appear I'm the only one terrified of the bird here. Lol

I know this was a fun little comment, but it strikes me as deep and pertinent to the real issue (men in women's restrooms): even if most of the other women like the bird, they have no right to force YOU to share space with the bird. No birds in indoor human spaces. Sorry, birds.

no i'm with you. nature is amazing and everything but ... whatever tf that is should not have evolved to this point😭

I literally can't even open the picture again to look at it I'm so scared by it LMAO

Can we PLEASE have every single TIM in women's spaces replaced by this exact bird?? 🤩

that may be the scariest bird I have ever seen and I would still take 100 of them in a girls' bathroom over a single male

Haha I have met that very type of bird. I remember seeing one once in the company of a local (for whom English was not his first language) and saying 'wth was that thing?' He thought long and hard, and then announced, 'chicken.'

It appears to be one of these:


I just googled it and one of the form-filling phrases was 'marabou stork nightmares'.

Marabou storks are known to attack people who don't give them a handout, just like trans dudes!

☹😭 as if I didn't have enough reasons to be terrified of encountering strange birds in the bathroom

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