Every time I see "Karen" being used, not matter how feminists this person claims to be, it's imidiate red flag for me. Then you see the pretty much every single time, going back to same mysoginistic tropes with updated language.

Same. The hatred of older women kills me inside. I grew up living in a world that sexualizes me and rates my place in it based on attractiveness. I then have to grow old in a world that hates, scorns and insults me for it.

It really sucks being an older woman into fandom, sometimes. Kids tell you things like "don't you have kids to be looking after?" like women over 30 aren't allowed to have hobbies beyond raising children and making dinner for their husbands.

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I read this comment and felt second hand rage instantly flare up inside me lmao

It’s worse than previous generations. At least the Madonna/whore dichotomy implies there is virtue and dignity to one of the options. The Karen/milf dichotomy both imply women are mostly worthless.

Women are allowed to be fuckable or they're deemed worthless nags. So empowering!

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Spot on. Most people who call themselves "feminists" these days carry as much if not more vitriolic hatred for women and girls as any woman-hating man of olde who wanted to deny women the vote or any other basic rights.

The misogynistic male feminists are worse than the old school misogynists, IMO. At least Rush Limbaugh didn't claim to be our ally or a feminist hero when he called us "feminazis"

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These people can't imagine a world where women aren't ranked in terms of how much they want to fuck or beat them.