Unlike men, tho, all snakes are beautiful.

Rather more huggable on average, I'd say.

Yeah, not to mention a snake has never locked a woman in a basement...

But even with snakes, you can know what species ARE venomous, and there are physical indicators to look for. With men, there are no such indicators.

Snake owner here. I hug snakes all the time. Men, not so much.

Admittedly, the snakes would probably prefer I didn't hug them either, but they are just so darn cute. Men, not so much.

this is the same snake pic 6 times, right? ...because omg i was so addicted to those "spot the differences" puzzles as a little girl, and the urge to try to 'solve' this is almost irresistible baha

haha yes I guarantee you, it's all the exact same snake copied 6 times.