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Form to receive my covid shot.

I'm not sure why the government or the doctors need to know how I feel inside, instead of my actual sex. Like, what does it even MEAN that I "feel" like a woman? Is it that I should like pink? Is it that I wear dresses? Do they now supply different drugs, not based on your sex, but based on your identity? I don't identity as a Female - I AM a Female.

Also, the LatinX thing is stupid because people in Spain and Latin America wouldn't even know how to really pronounce it; we don't have words that end with x. Instead of "ex" you would say "equis" in Spanish. LatinEquis? No, thanks.

I know, I know... it's not much. But I'm not gonna lie - my hands were trembling a little when giving the form back. And when they called me 15 minutes after I'd left? I for sure thought I was in some kind of trouble. Apparently I had just forgotten my insurance card LOL 😅

Edit: The options were... F, M, Transgender Female/Feminine, Transgender Male/Masculine, Non-Binary, Un-specified, Decline to Provide

NGL, seeing that nonsense on my covid shot form last year almost made me not get the vaccine. I was already nervous because of the blood clot issues with the J&J vaccine (i have a family history of blood clots). And, as someone who briefly worked in pharmacy, I know that new drugs & vaccines rely on this data to suss out a drug's side effects and who might be vulnerable to said side effects. Recording sex is CRUCIAL if we want to track how it might impact reproductive health or female fertility. So I was so furious when the form asked for my gender soul instead of my sex!

THIS shit gives legitimate fuel to the anti-vaxx movement. Not only that, it compounds the problem of the medical and pharmaceutical industries disregarding female health by treating male bodies as the default

Reminds me of when I got my covid shot and the receptionist was handing out clipboards to everyone in line with a similar section on gender identity. An older Hispanic man asked her what that meant, she tried to explain it, he proceeded to look at her like she was a lunatic and looked back at his wife like “what the hell is this white woman talking about?”. Long story short, that woman knew he was still confused and she just told him what to write. She kept asking “do you feel like a man?” and he repeatedly asked “what is that supposed to mean, I don’t get it” so she basically said “you’re not trans you’re a man just check this box”…

  1. What’s the point of the boxes if people can just tell you what they think you are?
  2. If people think it’s asinine, why still try to force it on them? Especially older people that do not give a fuck about this millennial/gen z brand of stupidity
  3. How could she tell he was a man? How could she tell he wasn’t trans? Isn’t that point of the survey to ask people their own “identity” because “you can’t tell by looking” and “you can’t assume what people have in their pants”

I know this is really old so I’m sorry for the reply Roa super old post but I just reas your story about the Hispanic man

I wonder how many people incorrectly tick trans man/ woman because they don’t understand - especially if English isn’t their first language

I do this on my papers as well.

Also, Latinx is a fucking hate crime. It can't even be PRONOUNCED in Spanish. I can't believe lefties are still using it even after multiple LATINO & LATINA groups begged them to stop

I know! It seriously makes no sense. This is a word literally invented by white Americans, and they are trying to make it spread all throughout Spain and Latin America. Shouldn't WE be the ones that choose what to call ourselves? I have to call a man with a beard a woman because if not I'm a transphobe BUT I am also being told that I HAVE to identify as Latinx because if not I'm not inclusive. What?!? 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

"The word 'Latinx' originated in the mid-2000s 'in activist circles primarily in the U.S. as an expansion of earlier gender-inclusive variations such as Latino/a (with the slash) and Latin@ (with the “at” sign),' says Joseph M. Pierce, an assistant professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at Stony Brook University."

God, I hate "latinx" so much. Speakers of Romance languages are not simpletons. They do not literally think "la mesa" or "la maison" is literally female. They do not need over-privileged, under-informed, monolingual Americans to fix their language for them.

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Hahahahaha so funnily enough, I was just having this conversation with my boyfriend the other day.

He was like: I just don't understand... When you are little, do you have to learn if each thing is female or male? And I was like: no dude, it's just our way of speaking, we just learn it and repeat it - that's how native language works. I guarantee you there are no 5 year olds confused as to why the Sun is "male".

He still wasn't quite getting it, so I said: Do you think it's normal to have guys here called Dick? Like, that's literally penis. The first time I saw a Dick's Sporting Goods, I was seriously shocked. And then when I saw a gas station called Kum and Go?! He replied: well, those are all normal parts of our language, we just learn to differentiate from when we are young.

So I replied: Exactly! To foreigners, language is viewed through a completely different lense than natives use. No native actively questions their own language or gets confused by it - that's just the language they grew up with and that's that.

He's a great guy, against the term Latinx... Just very confused about El/La hahaha

(And yeah, of course there are linguistics studies in all countries... But I'm talking about the general population here)

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Congrats to you! These little actions will add up to big change as more people peak.

Transgender Female/Feminine

?!? Wtf??!?! Is that referring to a trans identified male or a trans identified female?! Female makes me think transman--BUT, since the form is drowning in woo woo, I think it's referring to a TIM?

What's even the point of filling this out now, it could be actually harmful information if a TIF is treated like a TIM and given male doses of drugs and she won't be screened for female specific issues. I hope these companies pandering to the delusional get sued when TIPs start waking up to what's been done to them by medical professionals who should've known better.

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LMAO I honestly get confused with the terms too. And I agree: What is the point of knowing how I feel inside? Shouldn't science be based on actual medical facts, like your biological sex?

The options were: F, M, Transgender Female/Feminine, Transgender Male/Masculine, Non-Binary, Un-specified, Decline to Provide

I'm also not sure how Non-Binary or Un-specified would provide doctors with any kind of useful information to make medical decisions 🤷‍♀️

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They said the quiet part out loud with "female/feminine" and "male/masculine". So sexist!

LMAO I honestly get confused with the terms too. And I agree: What is the point of knowing how I feel inside? Shouldn't science be based on actual medical facts, like your biological sex?

I don't like seeing "overweight" on my medical chart. I should tell my doctor that I identify as a svelte, size two, 110 pound supermodel.

Exactly. And I don’t like my age being mentioned.

You can’t tell someone’s age just by looking at someone.

What, do we cut their arm and count the rings like with trees

What's the point indeed. Knowing someone's "inner feeling of gender" is useless from a medical, reproductive and identification point of view.

I was just wondering the same thing! They need to stop pretending the word 'female' can ever refer, under any circumstances, to a male, no matter what his fetishes are or what he's costumed as.

"Transgender female" ? Is that a female who identifies as transgender or a male who identifies as a female ?

Also I'm proud of you hahahah ! I also did this the other day when a store asked me for a review and asked my "gender identity" at the end. I checked "other" and filled the space with "my sex is female, I don't have a GeNdEr iDeNtiTy" then in the "additional comments" section at the end I told them to stop with the trans pandering bullshit.

I was just so annoyed. And I think I recognize my annoyance in those pen strikes over "gender identity" hahahaha

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Hahaha yeah... I wasn't brave enough to include more, but I made sure to fiercely scribble over the idiotic words 😁.

I would have liked to include "I don't 'identify' as a Female. I AM a Female" ... but they were about to give me a shot and I was a bit afraid they'd treat me in a bad way or something.

Ugh, I feel you, though plenty of health care workers probably feel the same though they can't say it.

This is brilliant. I'm going to do the same next time. So sick of this BS.

Also the first thing I thought when I saw the OP was "'transgender female' doesn't mean what you think it does...."

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Besides the "transgender" option being stupid, it's also useless because all the TIMs I know would pick "female" anyway. There are like 9 different options for trans on Facebook (trans, transwoman, trans woman, transgender, transgender woman, etc) and they still pick female.

I know a couple who, when given an m/f/write in option, always pick the write in and write "trans woman". I think they do it because "trans woman" gets them more points in the Oppression Olympics but I still much prefer that they do that if they refuse to just select "male".

I think they do it because "trans woman" gets them more points in the Oppression Olympics but I still much prefer that they do that if they refuse to just select "male"

I think "trans-woman" is a legit choice on a medical chart if the TIM is taking a shitload of hormones. It clues the doctor in that the patient's hormones are "supposed" to be fucked up (and that telling him that titty skittles are bad for his body is hate speech)

The identity is meaningless. Their sex is male and any medication they take should be listed as medication they take. That information combined with their sex is medically relevant. "Trans woman" could mean anything from full surgery and hormones for decades to dude with long hair who has never seen a doctor.

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I agree with this; I think it's important for doctors to know that you are on some awful hormone treatment or whatever. But apparently that's not enough anymore, and they had to replace sex with gender identity and imply that all females are feminine and all males are masculine. AND we now also have "Un-specified" human beings. Like, what the hell does that even mean?!

Maybe they need to go to the vet instead of the doctor to see if they can figure out their species 😂😂

If I ever see this on a form I think I'm going to start putting [ ] brackets around gender and labelling it "sex", and putting brackets around the trans shit to label "fetish"

I feel like an agp would just check the regular f box anyway but maybe not if they're into trans pride stuff so who knows

I always 'decline to provide' any questions about my 'gender', unless the options are only 'male' and 'female' in which case I give the surveyor the benefit of the doubt that they are actually asking about 'sex'. As you say, my 'gender', if there is such a thing, is really none of their concern.

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