The problem is that egalitarianists think we will solve all our gender/sex issues by treating women and men exactly the Same. They just ignore the way some problems are overwhelmingly suffered by women and perpetuated by men and act like this will essentially if we go away and remove protections for women that they deem 'misandric'.

Honestly not too far off from TRAs asking us to pretend that biological men are exactly on par with biological women in terms of oppression.

[–] KissMyOvaries 9 points Edited

I believed this before I found out about radical feminism. I always saw liberal feminism as the dumpster fire that it is. I just didn’t know that radical feminism existed. (Plus I saw facets of feminism like “lipstick feminism” and just thought “what bullshit”.)

[–] notyourfetish 5 points Edited

I remember people saying this on Tumblr because they thought it was hateful to exclude men from feminism.

Still to this day I WTF at that. Why would you include your oppressor's human rights and needs in your own movement? And usually the oppressors already got thier fucking rights anyway.

What problems do men have that are not self-imposed? Does fighting for gay rights mean I hate straight people? Are there some heterosexual rights being denied straight people? Are they being fired for being straight?

Same for black people and white people, though I won't get into that because I'm tired of "stop demonizing white people black people are just as bad!!!!!!" comments on here from white women who care more about thier feelings of being in the oppressor class than the people suffering beneath them.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 7 points

I don’t begrudge people their egalitarianism but if egalitarianism was enough women would have had the same legal rights as common men from the beginning.

Oh no don't make me cringe.... I said that verbatim when i was 14 :( in retrospect it's insane how much internalized misogyny i had. And i was one of the girls in our school who didn't cut and/or purge/starve themselves.

The girls are not okay and it's because they see clear as day that being female in our society, is to be worthless.

[–] furyosa MERF 7 points

Right on. I don't want to be an equal player in men's domination games (aka "we're equals so now I can hit you with a good conscience!" 🙄). I want to exist in a morally parallel structure outside of their domination games, without their contempt for 'weakness' (read: functioning different than an able bodied man); i.e. liberation from patriarchy.