Post this to r/actuallesbians and you'll get 4k upvotes, people won't even realize it's satire. These narcissists will come onto posts that don't say anything about TIMs or negative feelings about male genitals at all, they just happen to be women talking about themselves or their girlfriends, and the TIMs freak out that a penis wasn't "centered" in the conversation. Any woman who isn't worshiping dick 24/7 is a witch who needs to be banished or burned at the stake. The only good "lesbian" is a heterosexual and the only good "feminist" is an MRA these days. Gotta love it..

You must have sourced this from a lesbian sub on reddit!

I'm not even a lesbian or on Reddit I just always see TRAsh reeeeing like this

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"Why are you so obsessed with genitals???"

says the TiM who is either obsessed with proving that their dick is female, or obsessed with getting it cut off and turned into a """vagina""".

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1.cause only guys say 'my penis'...
b.think ANYONE would/should touch it because its exists and must be acknowledged..