I love that they invited the true third place winner up onto the podium. That is a fantastic photo.

Not to be a Debbie Downer but swimming podiums usually hold up to 10 spots. Based on the other photos in the DailyMail article posted below this podium had 8 placement spots. So all of them were on podium already.

I don't know anything about these swimmers because it's not a sport I've followed closely since college but these kinds of photos are pretty common if the swimmers are friends with each other. Or sometimes even if they're not but a photographer is photoing different groupings of placers. Which happens pretty frequently across teams. I have one with myself and a close swimming friend standing on the podium together that could have been interpreted this way.

I guess I'm mostly saying, yeah this photo is cool and can be read as these women protesting the situation, but it could also just be a regular photo that wasn't considering the other swimmers or places at all and isn't meant to say anything.

The three of them still got together and created their own top 3 group. It's a great photo, even if the third place woman was going to be nearby anyway.

And clustered around 3rd place, leaving 2nd open as it wasn’t really 2nd. I don’t know if they had another photo with everyone in the “right” spots, but this is powerful.

I saw a photo where they were all on their assigned spots, but this one is so much better.

Oh wow...I didn't get that at first.

I audibly gasped when I saw the photo!!!!

Do you happen to know why they are all holding trophies though? Or where there actually two third places?

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No idea, I was just going off the caption. I had been squinting at the photo trying to figure out if the trophy she's holding is a different colour from the bronze trophy but I'm not sure. Guessing either there's a trophy for all the finalists or she's holding a trophy from another race.

And it turns out that she is the swimmer who spoke out to defend Thomas!


Has she changed her mind or is she being a massive hypocrite by joining the other two on the podium?

Very possible she had a swift change of heart when she realized her ideals just bit her in the ass.

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Maybe 4th gets one too? Or maybe a swimmer from another race offered to let them use hers for the photo, or it's her own from another race

I love how you can see the camaraderie between the three women and he's just standing there, alone, looking like a complete doofus.

How can he think this charade is worth it? He knows deep down this is fraudulent. He will go down in history as a villain.

How can he think this charade is worth it? He knows deep down this is fraudulent. He will go down in history as a villain.

Because he doesn't care about how women feel as long as TRAs, mainstream media, and the university continue to kiss his ass and tell him he's a civil rights hero

I don' t even think he does it to get praise. I just think he enjoys being an asshole.

pity all the men in attendance didn't throw rotten eggs etc at him

You are right, he probably is giving all this feedback that he is the next MLK Jr.

I don' t think he cares. He doesn' t have an ounce of conscience or shame.

He gets off on humiliating women, stealing from them and throwing a pity party about how much of a victim he is.

He' s going to do it for as long as he will be allowed to do it.

Do we know if the new USA Swimming rules will keep him out of the Olympics? Even if he managed to stay below 5 nml/l for 3 years that 3 person panel would not deem him eligible.

The USA Track and Field rules kept CeCe Telfer out, he was above the 5 nml/l threshold.

Yeah imagine how much you have to be living in your own world to basically autistic levels to even be in his shoes right now…I don’t think he cares because I don’t think he’s even mentally capable of seeing beyond his own desires. Most of them aren’t.

But does he identify as a villain? That's what really determines if he is a villain. 😉

He identifies as the main character/protagonist and we need to respect that.

maybe this is just my imagination but his face on the picture does look kinda pissed and sad to me..

I think he' s pissed off because he knows he' s being mocked, but I don' t see sad, frankly.

I've been thinking about this too and this picture really hits it home for me. My personal take is that this man is on the autism spectrum and has little to no care about social shame or stigmatisms, and is otherwise puffed up by TRA rhetoric.

I haven't gotten the sense from him that he has autism. If he does, he must be extremely high functioning.

Also, people with autism aren't shameless so much as they have trouble reading non-verbal social cues. I think Thomas knows he's hated.

Almost half the students at MIT have aspergers/autism. I've read that several places. Of course autistic people can be super high functioning. They have trouble reading social clues. I think Thomas reads them fine. He is just a wanker who doesn't care.

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I attend the school that hosted this tournament!! It was disappointing seeing the pride alliance at my school rally in favor of the swimmer and saying it's bigotry if anyone says otherwise. Like what do you all actually stand for. They're literally just a group of slimey looking low-T they/them men claiming they're oppressed and women who just want to be on the "correct side" to avoid being cancelled. Like jesus who would've thought the social activist people on campus would be fighting for the right of a biological male to swim!


Lia Thomas, left, is seen on the podium on Thursday night as second placed Emma Weyant celebrates with Erica Sullivan (third) and Brooke Forde (fourth)

That entire article had so many great moments of the crowd completely dissing Thomas.

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A picture that speaks a thousand words.

Misogyny and male entitlement are the loudest, all coming from supposedly science supporting “progressives”. Shame on Thomas and any and all people that support and enable him. Bigots. This is an absolute insult and degradation, a childish and petulant snub to truth, science, and all women’s dignity.

YWNBAW in a picture.

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