Do you possibly have a young person in your life that made you watch this ‘Cars’movie 45 times?

I know exactly the scene you mean!! I’m a fellow victim

I hope they throw the trophy at him, just like in Cars

45 times?? Damn That's probably how many times I've watched the lion king, I loved that movie growing up and memorized the entire dialogue of the movie

How much do you want to bet he drops this charade with in six months of people no longer paying attention to him.

Not sure I would take that bet. I personally know a number of TIPs in their thirties who are still milking that shite for all it’s worth. When LT’s international notoriety fades, he will still be able to seek plenty of attention, both good and bad, on social media.

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extra points for cars memes. forgot to mention this before

Hey McQueen! Eat your heart out

Ka-chigga! Ka-chigga!

Quality Chick Hicks content.

Yeah, but who cares? He doesn't care. He's number one now. And clearly, Penn State is all about preserving his feelings.