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It's such a stupid report, figures are hammed up as % figures instead of true numbers to look bigger. It had a total of 227 respondents taken from a period of over 12 months, of which the majority of tRaNspHoBiA was due to shit like "invasive questions", "deadnaming", "online harrassment", all of which are meaningless as the "harrassment" could be anything ranging from saying "transwomen are male" or "women don't have dicks" to actual transphobia like seen on fruitfarms. And what the fuck are "invasive questions"? I could ask for someone's pronouns and it could go both ways, they say it, or they get offended that it had to be asked. Meaningless. Asking about surgery is rude sure but look at how often trans celebrities talk about it on TikTok. It almost goes hand in hand with being trans. Of course people are going to be curious and talk about it.

The data also has no meaning since "women" includes everyone who identifies as a "female/woman/femme", and vice versa. You can't tell if it's happening more to AMABs or AFABs.

This is so insane. Imagine if there was a report about the 'hate crimes' against people who wear blackface. It's such a DARVO.

They don’t want to be asked about bottom surgery because they are coasting on the fact everyone thinks they are harmless hsts who are sexually attracted to men and have cut off their wieners.

The world needs to know these men are almost all ‘intact’ and attracted to women. This is who we are supposed to allow in our changing rooms

All the TiPs I've ever met have been so mired in victimhood that of course they self-sabotage. People who identify with being the victim have to because as soon as they start to succeed and grow and get (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) stronger, they aren't the victim anymore, and it upsets their whole sense of self.