Got sick of 'Sophie' Bill Labelle Verville drawing cute animals saying 'Trans rights are human rights uwu' and other shit like that, so I tried drawing this lil gal.

She's also not traced, unlike all of Labelle's art. Lol.

I LOVE this. No joke, I think this type of stuff gets a lot of traction. The trans movement was built on anime, ffs.

Can't wait to see more!

Me too!

Currently blushing hard as hell right now, UGH!

I legit love drawing and got such a big rush doing like, actual activist art. I'm glad you all are liking her!

I should do more cute animals talking about how sex work is not work, and about the realities of woman in human trafficking :x

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Because I'm a totally hopeless uncool nerd, I can't get rid of my current mental video-clip of this opossum telling her kids they're "really gettin' out of pocket" 😶

get it... marsupial... pocket... ((runs away))

Never heard of him so I googled his comics…thank god you made this cute little opossum, she cleansed my eyes and my soul.

100% of all North American marsupial species = based 🖤 Damn girl, this pickin up steam fast!!

I love her, she's gorgeous. Are you happy for this to be shared on social media?

Is something being shared currently?

I really wouldn't mind at all, as long as it couldn't be traced back to me irl! 🥲 I tried sticking to a very basic style, so hopefully it'll never come back to bite me in the ass.

You mean is a 'terf is a slur' meme being shared currently? I don't know. I'm a social media newbie. Only started looking at Twitter about 6 months ago because I wanted to see what JK Rowling was saying.

Anyway, I thought I'd like to post Opossum as an image (no text) on Twitter. I only have about 20 followers and I think most of them are probably from here anyway. But maybe I won't if you have any concerns.

(Please remember Ovarit is a public forum...)

I know Ovarit is a public forum aha. I just never messed with social media ala Twitter and Tumblr, etc etc, but I understand sharing here is sharing to the internet as whole. Just on a smaller terven scale.

I am totally fine with that, though! Legit thank you for asking, doing this kind of art is invigorating, and I hope it helps bring a cute but important message across :)

Even without the text, this opposum is a sister GC feminist! ♀️

Image Transcription: Image

[A drawing of a cute chubby fuzzy opossum against a pale background. A squared-off speech bubble is coming from the opossum's mouth.]

Terf is a slur.