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I'd be less surprised to see an aurora borealis located entirely inside someone's kitchen than see a TRA define woman.

It's also deeply personal and can't be expressed with words, but trust me, I'm definitely a woman.

Inspired (aka taken word for word) by this post

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can't believe it's word for word from a TIM, it's too perfect.

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It's amazing how much they think writing cringe purple prose equates to being a woman

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So they're going to brigade some small women's retreat because a "pre-everything TIM" isn't allowed to show up and dominate/fetishize the women.

I hate them so much.

I truly do hate them so much. I used to not say it out loud but no longer can equivocate. I simply despise them.

Image Transcription: Meme

[This meme is an edit of a scene from The Simpsons which shows school principal Seymour Skinner attempting to convince his superior, Superintendent Chalmers, of an outrageous lie intended to conceal the fact that his kitchen is actively on fire.]

Superintendent Chalmers: [points at kitchen door] "So you do have a definition for 'woman'?"

Principal Skinner: [smiling] "Yes! My heart beats to connect with you, to share your sacred space. My heart is woman."

Superintendent Chalmers: "So... you have a definition."

Principal Skinner: [still smiling] My definition of woman is broad and beautiful, rich, and verbose, inclusive, and compassionate!"

Superintendent Chalmers: "May I hear it?"

Principal Skinner: [no longer smiling] "No."