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Ugh. I hate how the same people who defend "race play kink" will force a university to rescind an 18 year old girl's scholarship because someone dug up a video of her singing along to a rap song with the n-word when she was thirteen (yes, this is something that actually happened). Like, that girl deserves to have her life ruined. But its bigoted to question the morals of a White guy forcing his Black girlfriend to role play master/slave during sex.

Its hard for me to believe that these woke fuckers care about racism when they care more about the "subtle racism" in The Princess & The Frog" than the overt racism (and rape) that gets dished out to Black women in porn and the BDSM scene

You're not allowed to question porn. You're not allowed to question why an entire genre of pornography is dedicated to white women getting railed by giant black men with giant penises, and you're not allowed to ask why there's a subgenre for black women getting it from white men, but that somehow a black male/female couple would be unsupported by the market. You're not allowed to ask why you can get off to just Asian women, especially in videos where they'll protest the whole encounter and/or are tied up in elaborate ways. You're also not allowed to question why you'll only ever see an Asian man in gay porn (never straight porn), and even then, it'll be in a subgenre to the subgenre of twink stuff. He'll likely be young, small, and treated "like a girl", usually by a larger white man.

You're not allowed to question any of the obvious issues with this, both in terms of racism and misogyny, because somehow pornography is the one area where critical analysis dares not to look.

Its so damn hypocritical. And whats worse is that these same people who call us "SWERFS" for criticizing all the rapey/racist shit in porn clutch their pearls every December over "Baby Its Cold Outside". As if that song is getting people raped; but violent rape porn is just harmless fantasy

Yeah, I have been noticing that cognitive dissonance too😑. These woke clowns treat porn and kinks like sacred things that are above criticism. Also, the name calling strategy that many men and handmaidens use has been super successful. Fear of getting the 'prude', 'sex negative' and 'kink shamer' label has effectively shut many people from saying their honest thoughts.

Exactly. I like to assume that these so-called Twitter "activists" and overt social justice people are the most bigoted people behind closed doors, and are just looking for an outlet to let their racism reign free. And what perfect outlet than porn?

All of their "activism" is about showing off and gaining points on twitter. It's so apparent how little they care about anyone else but themselves.

The word “play” makes it sound so innocent, and instantly evokes images of children, so ew @ that word being constantly used too. Pedophiles...

Agreed. Its pedo language designed to appeal to young people (and desensitize young girls)

That's what I think too. I don't care why some women like(?) to be chained up and slapped, I judge why YOU get off on abuse another human being. Here the disgusting person is YOU, you shouldn't even exist in the first place! I don't care if someone "likes" to be abused, YOU DON'T ABUSE THEM IF YOU'RE A GOOD PERSON.

Imagine society feeling sorry for a rapist because he gets shamed for being turned on by raping someone, and telling people to shut up for daring to say that being turned on by rape is messed up.

That's where we're at as a society.

And I still don't understand why people are against self-harming, but okay with "knife play" and other violent shit.

Me when I have a depressive episode and wish to kill myself -> people are concerned and give me help

Me when I tell I enjoy sex only when I'm beaten, cut and raped -> people are afraid to kiNk ShAMe

But heaven forbid you have a "genital fetish."

This is a massive irony, hypocrisy: the same people saying you can't even kink shame men for wanting to torture women and getting off on men/themselves torturing women, on father-daughter incest, etc also say HDU have a monosexual orientation, not be into both sets of genitals, not be into both sexes, not have a sexuality that revolves around ppls gender identities, etc

All the while beating drums about how they are "safe, sane and consensual." No sane person gets off to labeling gruesome acts in such a childlike way.

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morpho menelaus, @marinamothh

the worst part about k1nk communities is how they like to soften words. It's not "cnc" or "consent play" say it how it is. you get off to pretending to rape someone.

morpho menelaus, @marinamothh

it's not "hardcore knife bloodplay" you get off to cutting your partner. it's the perfect environment for the traumatized to become more traumatized and predators to thrive.

morpho menelaus, @marinamothh

"r4ceplay" you're just fucking racist & using the bedroom as an outlet