Exactly this.

All the time.

Even if you don’t use menstrual cups and even at times you aren’t menstruating.

Maintain eye contact throughout

How long until some nutter grabs it off you and throws it in your face?

See, that would never happen

There is zero risk to women sharing restrooms with men

Sounds like a good way to end up with a "menstruaters room" 😖

Sounds like a good way to end up with a "menstruaters room" 😖

At this point, I'd take it if it meant I'd have a penis-free space to change my pads and change my baby's diaper

That's technically what the women's restroom was.

I don't think so. Women's restrooms have served a variety of purposes - changing rooms and spaces to calm down children or nurse or change babies. Spaces to escape a pursuing man at the club or bar, spaces for fixing attire or make-up. Spaces for young girls to explore their authority and autonomy. Women's restrooms are multipurpose, preferably multifunctional but often not (women make do), and not at all limited to menstruation. That's why I refuse to give them up to men.

Oh I agree with you. I was referring to as a category, not as a verb. We do use them for all of those things. We, being menstruaters, i.e. women.

Check out their penises while they pee and then share the intel you gained around.

If it wouldn’t result in getting our teeth knocked out, I’d say look down and grimace lol.

I've read that some AGPs freeze V-8 juice into buttsicles to insert and simulate a period, so I suspect this will not be as effective as hoped. I feel gross just having to type that out.

I will pay you all of the money in my savings to never use the word “buttsicle” again

No need, I myself am hoping to never, ever use the word again. 🤮

I think the idea is to gross out regular guys so THEY demand single sex bathrooms

Something tells me the transbros will not be happy about this either. Well, half of them, anyway -- they'll be faint with "dysphoria." The other half will be falling over themselves to get at the blood for their own fake periods.

LOL the other day I went to rinse mine and opened the water too much. It went everywhere. I did spare a thought for the TIMs. 😂😂

Ooh, I use washable cloth pads, and those are delightfully gory when rinsed too!

Hopefully no one actually takes this seriously bc this just seems like something that would get women hurt more than anything else

I keep seeing people pushing the idea of a dirty protest and I think they are naive about how men would react to it.

Also, what about the cleaners.

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Needs moar contingency plan for when middle-aged AGPs start fishing through the trash and otherwise combing the premises for discarded cups to... idk shove up their butts or something ((shudders))

That is why they don't want separate bathrooms. No used products to find.

I've only ever seen disposable discs, but you can rinse those first, too. There's no stopping men from buying new ones anyway.

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I don't think brand new ones would rlly scratch their proverbial itch, tbh. Although I'm happy to say i am not any kind of expert on this 🤪 and could be very wrong indeed.

I would only advise doing this if you were escorted into the bathroom by men with muscle whom you trusted. I wouldn’t do something like this for fear of the danger

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Angela Volkov, @ AngelaVolkov

Start rinsing menstrual cups in the sink and watch how quickly men turn on their transwomen bros to end mixed-sex bathrooms.

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