Weird how unsophisticated people like the Taliban know who a woman is without either chromosome testing or genital inspection while PhDs in Queer Theory and ironic glasses struggle with the concept of sexual dimorphism in humans. Even cats, dogs, birds etc know how to recognise the male and female of their species but very educated middle class progressives can’t.

I await TW desperate to travel to Kabul to get the validation of being flogged for not wearing a burka while ‘being women’. They could organise ‘high adrenaline gender euphoria holiday packages’.

"Weird how unsophisticated people like the Taliban know who a woman is without either chromosome testing or genital inspection while PhDs in Queer Theory and ironic glasses struggle with the concept of sexual dimorphism in humans. "

That's because the Taliban only have high school level biology. They're not educatdd enough to really understand sex and gender.

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What gets me is that we knew this would be the result when we pulled out of Afghanistan. Where was the well-thought-out, coordinated effort to save both women and the men who assisted the United States during the war? Oh, right, there was none. We've left these women to an oppressive society where many of them will die as the direct result of their sex. Our government has certainly failed us, but the women of Afghanistan are experiencing the absolute worst results of misogyny.

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I'm not sure how much more obvious it could be that Biden and the Dems do not gaf about women. Everyone knew when this half baked withdrawal was announced that it would be women who would suffer. So, after he fecks Afghan women, he turns around in the next breath and fecks American women with the gutting of Title IX and the undermining of womens sex based rights every chance he gets. In fact I'm struggling to think of anything positive he's done at all, because it feels like women worldwide have taken a huge hit since he took office.

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Every single western country who likes to call itself “civilized” should be coordinating efforts to remove all the women and children from the country and send them to various nations as refugees. Leave the men and let them fight with the religious fanatics for as long as they want. The lack of care towards Afghani women and girls reeks of racism and misogyny.

Right? The other day I saw some anti Islamization advocate say "if you want to live in an Islamist eutopia why don't you move to the middle East where the people actually want this?"

I was like ok when you say people you really think about men, right? Women don't want to become subhuman cattle so why do you condemn those in the middle East?

Because they’re racist shitheads who don’t care about Middle Eastern women. These are the same folks who trash feminists in the west by saying “there is no sexism in the west! Stop whining about rape and sexual harassment at work you dumb woman, you could live in Afghanistan where those barbaric brown people don’t respect women!” In the minds of these people Afghani women are just a talking point to speak about the superiority of the flawed west. They don’t actually care about reforming the country and helping women.

Some have already died. I read of at least young woman who committed suicide because she had been awarded to a Taliban fighter as bride.

Agreed on what you wrote. I don't think the Western governments cared about the women there much, mumbling something about a conservative country with conservative values. Some of the NGOs did care and achieved a lot, but all that is now evaporating. In particular, women's access to health care and maternity care got very much better in the last two decades. I don't see how those improvements could now be maintained.

Distributing underaged girls as sex slaves already? They move fast.

Pretty sure I read that one of the first things they did was make lists of young girls and unmarried women so they could take their pick. Warring men have always seen us as part of the loot.

Gotta make sure their priorities are in the right place 🙄

If trans issues aren't just a first world problem, where are all the Afghan TIMs demanding that these rules must apply to them as well so that they can feel valid?

Along a similar but different note, I never see TIMs complaining that seeing Muslim women oppressed gives them “dysphoria,” either. Weird how they want to experience abortions, stillbirths, and other solely female experiences, but never wearing a burka and needing to have a man escort them out in public.

Sadly I have seen more than a few TIMs fetishize the idea of being forced to wear a hijab and forced to be a houseslave...

It can be part of their feminization/sissification/misogyny/humiliation kink, with the added bonus of racism.

Just when you think they couldn't possibly be more depraved, they go there.

I’ve definitely seen a few fetishize it, but none of them say that seeing women in burkas etc gives them “dysphoria,” ya know?

Indeed racist/culturally insensitive.

I cannot get the burning image of one TIM out of my head who was wearing a full body covering (but not a face covering). He had the most ridiculous fake boobs (probably stuffed a pillow under there, that’s what it looked like).

Gah, I hate these creeps!!!

Wars are never just about the feel good reasons that the warmongers say they are. Wars are about preserving hegemony, resource extraction, opening up new markets, showering assorted contractors with gov cash, and creating compliant client states. Or abandoned failed ones, as the case may be.

Not to ignore those expensive weapons that either get blown up (and need replacement) or stolen (and need replacement!) to surface and cause new wars elsewhere. What is the US’s primary export nowadays? Besides commodity crops? War and the weapons to wage it.

The oppression of women and girls in Afghanistan was a feel good reason that was added and promoted to keep public approval of a failing war going. Lots of people benefitted from the Afghanistan war, but Afghani women and girls? Not so much really. Not after 20 years and trillions of dollar’s worth…

Exactly. This bullshit war was fought over monetary reasons with the lingo of “liberating” women and girls as its PR spin. Did it work? Hell no. 20 years later and most of the men there still hate women and have disgustingly misogynistic views. Every world power who entered Afghanistan failed miserably by not wiping out every male religious fanatic and installing a government run by Afghan women, who would have done a better job of running the place with proper outside aid.

I think we can all agree though that the worst part of the Taliban retaking Afghanistan is that the men who wish to be women there can't live their lives as their authentic selves cause then they might lose their rights to an education, travelling alone, etc...

What can we do to help? Are there even charities able to operate in Afghanistan at the moment? I don’t want to just sit around thinking about how terrible it all is, I want to be proactive.

I can imagine all that. I read lots about the Taliban during the first time it was in power. This time looks about the same. In the next stage they start stoning women in football stadiums (with audience) for having a boyfriend etc. If they follow the old script, that is, because it happened last time.

Genuine question.

How can you be both banned from traveling alone and banned from leaving the house? Doesn't the latter completely negate the former? Unless women and girls cannot leave the house unless a male chaperone is present, in which case, it would be redundant?

This has nothing to do with trans stuff, come on guys.

You've been here two years and haven't yet figured out that Ovarit isn't just about trans ideology?

... what? Yes, that's exactly what I mean. This topic had nothing to do with trans stuff, yet I see comments of "wow how does the Taliban know what a woman is" and it's tasteless. We can focus on other topics.

Ah! Well, one of these comments is mine and my point isn't to not discuss other issues. It just makes my blood boil that TRAs on social media are trying to make it all about the T, and how women in the western world have forgotten how intimately linked to our sex this oppression is. I'm afraid of where this might lead.


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