Queen shit πŸ‘‘

I just remembered my mum, the first time a creepy man followed us off the elevator to find out which apartment we lived at, she cooly walked past our door without giving anything away. I hadn't even noticed the man and tg I was young enough that I didn't question her. I still do that to this day. She is fucking badass. Mothers are the best. The legends who shape us, indeed.

I've seen people (usually men) in the replies of this telling her to "not stoop to their level" or "rise above it," as though these men are even consciously aware of their shitty entitled behaviour. No, that's called being a doormat.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Finger Taints, @ ArtIsMyPorn

When I was 9 months pregnant with my son, my mom & I were on the side of the road, struggling with a flat. A car with 4 men stopped, not to help, but to ask for directions to a local gold course. My mom sent them 15 miles in the wrong direction.

She is the legend who shaped me.